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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Reb's Reviews - FUBAR BOHICA + 10% Off At Mr Snuff

I'm posting this around the net, but here is where the snuff taking veterans seem to gather, so I'm going to kick it up a notch. Boxcars only. Surely I ain't the only one thats out of his cotton pickin mind in THIS place. This is Snuffhouse!!! *Leonidas kick*

Anyways, here we go...

This here's a dual purpose post. This is both a review AND a challenge. I feel like everyone who does snuff reviews should have to review FUBAR BOHICA, and today it looks like its my turn. It's a rite of passage, in my opinion... So like so many who've come before me, it's my turn to take that wild ride. Why don't yall come and join me?

Lastly... If you make reviews, I challenge you, yes you, to suit on up and square off against BOHICA. We'll call it the Reb challenge. Bonus points if you can box car it. Bet y'all won't!

Oh, and don't forget, you can get 10% off your order at Mr Snuff, using this link and my personal discount code found below.

Code: TheReb2020


  • Yup, nice review right here. Bohica is good for nose reset before sleep for me, kills congestion and moisten the passages better than any salive water. Good stuff! You took it kinda brave with that boxcars huh, lemme try that..  >:)
  • DO IT!!! Film it and upload, and you'll have been the first to complete the Reb Challenge! I gotta see this.

    *Gets popcorn*
  • Definitely moistens up the ol honker! This snuff really is a useful one.
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