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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

'Stale' Snuffs

Does anybody have some snuffs they prefer when they're a bit 'stale' ?

I've been trying a lot of snuffs cheaply via tap tins , but often find that - economic though they are - the snuffs can dry out a little.

To that end, I was loving the Santo Domingo and thought I'd buy a big tin of the stuff. It was completely different out of this tin, the smell of violets, lacking before, was right at the forefront as well as the fabled 'barnyard aroma' , all to the good.

The texture though, was so moist it was like demerara sugar! Too wet for me to keep comfortably in my nose. I've let it dry out for a few days and whilst still moist, I've got the perfect balance between moisture and aroma, lovely stuff. Does anybody else have snuff that they enjoy when they're not quite fresh?

(Speaking of tins, my newsagent happens to stock toque snuff, @roderick your tins are the best bar none that I've had thus far! There's somehow no spillage out of them even when full!)


  • @RobEdgar out of interest, where are you where newsagents still stock snuff?
  • @hoffwell I'm in Berwick Northumberland! I was just as surprised, but apparently there are a couple of old boys who have been buying it for years. They only stock the Toque menthol and the Hedges stuff, but it's great I can just go to a shop and not have to wait for the postman when I run out!
  • Hedges
    I can only handle it when its good and stale, the menthol is way too potent when fresh.
  • @n9inchnails I tried it...hated it, then tried it again 30 mins later, hated it less and so on. Now I'm quite partial to it in small doses!
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited February 2021 PM
    I love Kensington. It always arrives completely dried-out (factory moisture is 20%, similar to Hedges), I never had it fresh (moist). It never clogs my nose and has a very sharp sting. Kensington has a tad less menthol and eucalyptus and is topped with lavender. Like Hedges, it's water-based, non-oiled, made according J&H Wilson recipe. So, traditional English-type fine mentholated snuff. It's a very, very rare case when I enjoy "stale" (=old / dried out) snuff. I can say the same about Hedges, I only enjoy it when it's dried-out. Fresh Hedges gives me nasty congestion.

    Honestly, I'm not even curious to try fresh Kensington. I can easily dial up moisture to 20% in just a few minutes, but I never bothered doing so.

    Another snuff which turns better (more potent) with the moisture loss is Neffa Ifrikia. Cheese and chalk.
  • Ha! @RobEdgar that's great.
  • You don't gat stale snuffs at 
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