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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

My Apologies, Y'all! Honest Mistake.

Word's gotten back around to me via David that y'all are a little upset w me because of me spamming the forums.

I assure you, that was not the intent.

This video seemed to cover a lot of different topics, so I put them in the forums I found applicable.

Didn't mean to step on any toes. I ain't exactly the internet savvy, forum using type.

Just trying to give a little info and share my discount code. I'll leave y'all boys to it now.


  • No worries. I deleted 3 out of the 4 duplicate threads. 
  • Where should I have posted that anyways? Not that it matters, really, bc the point is moot. I'm probably not going to be making videos anymore anyways, as it takes too much time, produces too little a result, and I'm already busy trying to spin straw into gold for the snuff taking community as it is. Still, it would have been nice to know... And it also would have been nice to be approached about it directly.
  • I'm sorry I don't understand your question. Post whatever you want, wherever you want, ONE time. Posting the exact same thing 4 times doesn't reach any more people, the same people see the same post, 4 times. 

    Do you post on other social media? THAT would be awesome. You would be reaching people that don't already know about Snuffhouse and Mr Snuff. Isn't that the point of an affiliate link? 
  • edited February 2021 PM
    Trying to figure out where to put that vid was the problem. It seemed to fit multiple categories, so I put it there. General is probably a lost cause, bc things get buried under announcements and What's in your nose. Not sure where to put things where they will be seen.

    I do post on other social media, but this is actually the end all be all of snuff online. Best case scenario, there are only, as far as I know, three other places dedicated to snuff, and one all but dead. The other two have maybe 20 active users a day. This is by far the most active spot.

    I'll tell you this much, in abt 2 months of being the only one with a code, posting in all 4 places regularly, I've only managed $220, and that's with heavy engagement. Slim pickins for sure. With more people soon to join, I'm not sure how much meats 's gonna be left on that bone.

    Either way, my few loyal viewers want me to keep going, so I'm gonna keep on keepin on.

    I'll keep posting here, albeit in just one place, as it's likely the best bet. I'll also engage more here, to increase those odds. The question is where to place videos, especially when they really don't fit exactly in any one particular place. I'll get it sorted out one way or the other.
  • edited February 2021 PM
    @miamimark check your PMs if ya could.
  • I replied. 

    I still don't understand what difference it makes "where" you post your advertisements.  
    When I come to the homepage of this forum I see ALL the posts, all the categories. The one's I haven't seen yet are highlighted so I know I need to read them. If no one replies to a certain thread, it sinks to the bottom and eventually disappears from the front page. The threads that are interesting get comments and stay to the top. 

    $220, WOW! All the rest of provide content for FREE because we love Snuff and enjoy talking about it. We don't expect anything in return.  
  • I wasnt aware that the home page displayed all the posts no matter the category. That's new info for me.

    As it goes for the $220, first off, your attitude is wildly inappropriate. Secondly, I told you this to illustrate the situation. That was to inform you. You bought up the affiliate link, so I told you about it. That's probably very useful information for you, all things considered.

    I enjoy talking to people and providing content... And I never asked for anything in return. Have I plugged a Patreon? Asked for money? No. Not even once. I've only shared the link I was given, in order to serve this community. This benefits others way more than it does me.

    I was given that affiliate link for services rendered to benefit the community as a whole. Working as hard as I can at it. That's not for providing content, that's for working for months to make things happen for the people here. Working very hard, might I add. You have no idea the difficulty of what I've undertaken, or the countless hours poured into it.

    @miamimark I have to say, your snarky attitude is rather inappropriate and unbecoming. I've been nothing but respectful toward you. I'd appreciate it if you would return the favor, please. There's no justifiable reason to speak to anyone like this, and you can rest assured I certainly won't talk that way to you. Could we have a polite discourse instead?
  • miamimarkmiamimark Moderator
    edited February 2021 PM
    I'm sorry you find my attitude unbecoming. I think you're reading something into it that isn't there.
    Anyway, now you know that when you post 4 duplicate advertisements on 4 different threads, it looks very "spammy" 
    There's really nothing else for us to discuss, politely or otherwise. 
    Have a nice evening. 
  • "$220, WOW! All the rest of provide content for FREE because we love Snuff and enjoy talking about it. We don't expect anything in return."

    I think that leaves little room for reading into things.
  • @mississippireb your attitude here is the same reason I blocked your reddit username. Its a shame I cant do the same here
  • @Snuffalufagis I don't think I've had an attitude here or on Reddit. Seems I'm pretty well liked on Reddit, to be frank, dead as it may be. Not exactly known here, but that'll be fixed soon. Been lurking for awhile, and absorbing a lot of info.

    Tell me, explain to me how I've had an attitude, snuffalufagis? It appears to me that I've been nothing but civil. An explanation would be nice, as opposed to an unfounded statement.
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