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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Icebound W Dr. Rumney's Blue, One of My "Snuff Spoons", & A Double Video Bomb

Hey y'all, sorry I havent put together a video in awhile. I've been pretty sick the last couple days. Shot this last night and gave up after the surprise ending, hoping to rerecord today when I was feeling better, and hopefully get a better take... But there just ain't no way.

All that said, I love this vid anyway, on account of the surprise drop ins at the end. Puts a smile on my face.

For those of y'all that don't know, we're having the extremely rare snow/ice storm down here in Dixie, and everything has gone cattywampus. Been a few days of being iced in, some of us without power or water. Lookin like it may just keep on for a few more.

To all my folks scattered across the South, stay in, stay warm, stay safe, and stay healthy. Hopefully this all ends soon... I know I'm about ready for it. Hopefully I'm back soon, and fit as a fiddle to boot. Until then, y'all take care of y'all selves.

Also, here's my link and code for 10% off at Mr. Snuff. It cancels out my shipping costs and then some, w the orders I make. Hopefully that'll come in handy for y'all, too.

Code: TheReb2020


  • I look like death here. Anyone else know of any good, strong menthols or other medicateds good for keeping the nose clear?
  • My go to menthols when I need a decent blast is Red Bull and 6Photo no.666.
    They both open me up pretty quick especially if I get the cold weather stuffys.
  • 6P No.6 and J&H Wilson Medicated #99 are my goto snuffs when I get a cold, also the only time I enjoy Poschl snuffs. For some reason those Poschls mess up my sinuses like when I am sick but when I am actually sick they have the opposite effect and make my sinuses feel better but they are super weak, even when sick I mix it with a heafty dose of white snuff(DW, White Elephant ect.) like 3 or 4 parts white to 1 part Poschl.
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