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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Sir Johnny Scott

MrSnuffMrSnuff Administrator
I just got off the phone with Sir Johnny Scott, the master behind Sir Walter Scott snuffs. He truly has a wealth of knowledge about snuff. 

He will be making 3 new blends for us which I am very excited about. No idea what we will end up with, but you can be sure they will be top notch, interesting and historically based snuffs.

Sir Johnny truly is a true Artisan snuff maker, and to my knowledge, other than perhaps Rosinski, the only one out there.

The nugget of wisdom I got today was that Fribourg and Treyer Old Paris was originally Creme de Figue. However back in the 70's or 80's the powers that be in Wilson's or possibly Imperial Tobacco decided the old recipes religiously followed by F&T in Haymarket till the day they closed their doors  were not for the modern taste. This was why Sir Johnny brought out his Creme de Figue. It is much closer to the original....a favourite of Beau Brummel.


  • Oh, this excites me, y'all.... I don't just throw words around recklessly or take them lightly. That fella right there, everything he makes is good as gold. SWS is my favorite line, bar none. Literally never had one I didn't like. As matter of fact, I thought I hated licorice flavored or scented anything and everything.... Until I gave Pontefract Priory a day in court. Changed my whole perspective on licorice, it was just so perfectly put together.

    Please do us all a favor and let us know as SOON as those come in. I'll be first in line for that.

    Sir Walter Scott's snuffs... Just about worth wrestling a bear over. So good they almost make me wanna slap my Mama.

    Seriously, please inform us when those come in. For me, this is the best news I've ever gotten in regards to snuff. I can't wait!!!
  • That's an interesting tidbit about Old Paris changing from a Creme de Figue recipe.  I wonder if the current recipe was new, or if they repurposed some other scent?
  • Just to correct something.

     Fribourg and Treyer made snuff true to original Georgian recipes. These were altered after they were bought firstly by Imperial Tobacco and then by Wilsons, for convenience of manufacturing and to conform with what they believed were modern tastes. 

     Creme de Figue was not a Fribourg and Treyer snuff. I have tried to replicate some of the old F and T snuffs from bits and pieces of historical information and the snuff I call Creme de Figue, is the nearest approximation I have been able to make which resembles the original Fribourg and Treyer's Old Paris.

  • Is there anywhere else we can get it other than mr snuff?
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