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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

What was it like before the PACT act?

I was just wondering what it was like in the US before the dreaded PACT act. Was it the same as it is now in the UK where you could order snuff online and get it in a couple of days? Was there many websites selling it? What a stupid act, I hate waiting for snuff to be delivered! 

Thank God for Toque snuff. Good prices and quick delivery. Although I do miss ordering from my smoking shop before 12pm and getting it the next day :(


  • It was awesome before the pact act, there were several US snuff shops that went under because of PACT, Mr. Snuff was originally in the US but PACT drove him to the UK he is the only one to survive PACT. Back then US scotches were plentiful and cheap all the US shops had the full line of scotches even the big tubs, now scotches have to be imported to the UK just to be shipped back to US customers which drove the cost right up and alot of scotches like Checkerberry seem to have disappeared after PACT.
  • That sounds awesome. What a stupid thing where they have to ship to the uk and then have it shipped back, it's a shame. 

    I also think sometimes what it was like back years ago when snuff was popular and it was available in almost every town/city. The different choices etc. I bet that was a good time for snuffers too.
  • Used to be able to get some good products directly from Stokers.
  • Also vendors regularly gave out free samples and it was cost effective to order just a couple items without shipping killing you.
  • What a shame guys. 
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