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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Is this snuff safe to take?

OkkaOkka Member
I've opened a new tin of gin and tonic from samuel gawith and noticed a weird "ring" of darker snuff surrounding the edge of the tin. It's certainly not rust - tin looks brand new after removing darker snuff from the edges. It seems like it's just much more moist. Could that be a first sign of mildewing? I've asked the same question on a facebook group and someone said that this could be caused by condensation, which seems reasonable.

Picture for reference:


  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited March 2021 PM
    Snuff darkens as it gets moist, if the snuff is noticably more moist around the edges then the edges will be darker. When snuff goes moldy you will visually see whitish fuzz growing on and in the snuff.
  • Yeah it looks fine, I've had a few tins like that. Nothing to worry about.
  • Its good to go. Any moisture in the snuff will condensate closest to the metal of the tin first. As long as its not fuzzy.
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