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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Making snuff from pipe or ryo tobacco

I've make snuff from a few types of pipe tobacco so far and it's not bad. Would a more premium cig tobacco or maybe American Spirit be any more or less pure than pipe tobaccoo?


  • What pipe tobacco have you used?
  • So far its been the more standard pipe tobaccos- couple of the Captain Blacks, Sir Walter Raleigh, i havent got any tinned tobaccos yet, cant get them in my area
  • American Spirit is pure tobacco, but have you tried making snuff from a whole leaf?

  • volunge i havent tried whole leaf. I had seen a video using pipe tobacco and just gave it a try. 
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited March 2021 PM
    @chad13, I've heard good things about nasal snuff, made from Natural American Spirit RYO. Expect serious nicotine there. I made some bang-up snuff from Poschl Pueblo RYOs, the one in the yellow pouch. Catch the recipe:

    For 10 grams fine-to-medium grind medium moisture PLAIN SNUFF
    you will need:

    7.5 g bone-dry tobacco flour (sifted through 120-150 micron sieve)
    1.8 g (ml) water
    0.5 g sodium carbonate (alkalizer)
    0.2 g sodium bicarbonate (alkalizer)

    Add dry finely ground alkalizers to dry tobacco flour and mix everything thoroughly in a mortar, electric coffee grinder or blender. In the final step, pour the dry mixture into a bowl, add 1.8 ml (1.8 g) water and stir thoroughly, till you get even texture (with given amount of snuff it can be achieved in 5 minutes). This snuff is ready for a straight-away use and rounds up overnight.

    Some general notes / tips. Working with small amounts of tobacco, you will need digital scale with 0.1 g or 0.01 g weighing precision. If you don't have proper mesh sieve (120-150 microns / 0.1-0.15 mm) and prefer fine grind, you can collect the finest tobacco particles from the electrical coffee grinder lid (the finest particles accumulate on the inner surface of the lid due to static electricity). Here's a no-nonsense video guide for making instant dry snuff:, at 0:46 you'll see the finest fraction powder stuck on the coffee grinder lid. That's the stuff.

    If you want more even texture, you can order aquaristic artemia 120 micron (0.12 mm) sieve (like this: ) or 150 micron (0.15 mm) one: These sieves are small, but comfy enough to work with small amounts, and way cheaper than lab sieves.

    If you prefer coarse grind, you can sift tobacco flour with tea mesh strainer. Like this one: You can find them in pretty much every supermarket (look for it in a kitchenware section) for cents.

    Making coarse snuff, you can dial up moisture up to 35% (use 3.5 g water for 10 g of snuff, that is, 3.5 ml water for 6.5 g tobacco + alkalizer(-s) flour to make 10 g snuff); for coarse moist snuff use sodium carbonate (don't add sodium bicarbonate, it's good only for fine and dry / medium-moist snuffs, and only combined with stronger alkali like sodium carbonate or potash) and add it dissolved in water; salt compliments coarse and moist snuff nicely, you can add 2-6% additives-free salt (by weight) to your taste (dissolve it in water with 4-6% (by weight) sodium carbonate, where 4% is for medium strength, 5-6% – for stronger snuff). It takes some days / weeks for coarse to round up, and generally it turns better with time.

  • Thx volunge  ,where'd u get Poschl Pueblo from?

  • It's widely available in Europe. Not sure if you can get it in the US, but Natural American Spirit will do the job. Use the strongest one, if you want super potent snuff.
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