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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Replacement for WoS Camphor and Mild?

I've been away from the snuff world for a long time and I'm currently in the process of getting my head round some of the changes.

So a few of the historical English brands (WoS, SG and GW) seem to have trimmed down on their offerings, this coupled with the name changes of certain varieties to comply with law, is making it more difficult than it should be to establish what is gone and what has just been renamed.

So I was wondering if anybody could tell me if Camphor and Mild was still around and under what name, and if it isn't, has any other brand stepped in to fill the gap?

I also noticed that F&T Morocco is mysteriously absent from several online retailers. I'm guessing it's been discontinued although why Morocco had to die but Patch gets to live is beyond me.


  • Hi and welcome back! Indeed, snuff menu have shrinked, but overall the situation isn't that bad. Some producers have even launched new snuffs and there are two new artisanal snuff makers in Germany.

    Only worst-selling snuffs were axed. Apparently, Morocco had less demand than Patch... Visit to see what they currently produce. Camphor and Mild is no more, but someone have mentioned it's possible to blend pretty similar snuff by mixing two other WoS snuffs. I don't recall which ones, but I'll try to locate that thread. Also, you can order bespoke snuff from Toque, minimal amount is 400 g (45 GBP). Or make your own C&M, using WoS Plain (aka Natural) as a base and topping it with 1-4 drops of camphor spirit and carefully blending it with plain WoS mentholated snuff.
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