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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Submit your unique flavour idea for a brand-new nasal snuff

volungevolunge Member
edited March 2021 in General
The link for submiting your idea can be found in this Reddit post -


  • I posted 'bubblegum' after the crushing loss of Buzz Bubblegum. I didn't realize only one response allowed, and I might regret not choosing 'wintergreen'.  I only know of one wintergreen snuff, Checkerberry, and I can't get ahold of a tin!
  • Good one, @SHbickel! I haven't tried neither bubblegum nor wintergreen snuff. Talking about the latter, there's one in Poschl range - JBR Green.
  • Thanks for the heads up, I'll have to try that one on my next order.
  • @volunge @SHbickel there are two other Wintergreen snuffs @ German snuffstore. Pfälzer Landsnuff Kalmit
    Pfalzler Elwetritsch
  • Rosinski Klippenritt has wintergreen amongst other things in it.
  • SHbickelSHbickel Member
    edited March 2021 PM
    Awesome! Thanks Hloridson and Betty_BW

    Has anyone else submitted any flavor ideas?
  • Bay Rum
  • Strong longlasting barnyard tobacco scent like ntsu black and in different grinds would be the best plain snuff.
  • Mountain Dew!  8-}
  • @ALLex Dholakia Black fits that description to a tee
  • Submission is over.
  • miamimarkmiamimark Moderator
    I always thought it would be cool to have a "Favorite Toque Blend" contest.
    Members would submit their favorite (Toque) mix. 
    Roderick would be the judge.
    The winning blend would sold in limited production and named after the (first) SH member that suggested it. 
  • I always seem to login late for just about everything in the way of announcements or submission requests around here, unfortunately, but I figure it can not hurt to add mine, anyhow, even though I am sure I have already mentioned it, and probably more than once, in the past.

    Raspberry with violet, and I personally think it is much better mentholated.

    After I happened upon the combination accidentally, I discovered that raspberry violet is actually a popular combination for a jam, which makes sense to me, due to how well the scents go together.

    I have been mixing this up myself for a couple years now, and I am rarely without this concoction. Sometimes I will add the tiniest bit of rose and lavender, as well. I use Toque snuffs for this blend.
  • HUZZAH!  I'll pretend my input was invaluable, and that I've personally saved humanity contributed to the community.
  • Butterfinger snuff, because when you take a pinch you literally get butterfinger snuff on your finger.
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