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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

How does Seville compare?

Newbie here (1 month). Squaring up my 4th order at Mr. Snuff. I have $400 in the cart (preparing for the apocalypse). I cruise this forum and Mr. Snuff like other people scroll social media. So please forgive the new thread. I want fresh takes. I’ve read all I can read and need more specific info.

So, Seville. I got it in my 3rd order. I love it. It’s a 3 times a week in the evenings sort of snuff, my daily being Viking Dark (until more varieties to try arrive), followed by SP Extra as the evening goes on. Then the occasional Seville night. I really, really like it a lot.

My question: how do the other perfumed offerings from F&T compare? Not just the “it’s as good” sorta answer, but flavors. Ingredients. I want paragraphs and novels about this. Please write all your opinions and knowledge, I got real money riding on this. I’m not a rich man. I just have a new obsession.


  • Imho all of the F&T perfumed snuffs are all over the top on the perfume and need to be watered down with plain snuffs, if the strong overpowering and longlasting perfume is what you like than the other F&T perfumed snuffs will not dissappoint.
  • If you're preparing for the end times, I say go for it! Variety is the spice of life.

    I've never tried Seville so I can't do a comparison, but in my experience all the F&T snuffs are different enough to warrant the purchase, if, as n9inchnails alluded to, you appreciate the heavily-perfumed snuffs.

    I started out loving them, but rarely reach for them years into my "obsession" outside of High Dry Toast which is unscented (and amazing).  That said, early on my two favorites were:

    Bordeaux - a red wine and ambergris, rich and decadent
    Morlaix - a "grandmotherly" floral with a fluffy talc scent
  • @n9inchnails
    I can take Seville all day and have 2 days now. I also like Viking Dark and have Thor’s hammer any day now. I love bold tobacco flavor as well as the SP’s (no menthol for me), but Seville is another thing altogether. I do like to mix it with SP Extra. I like to mix Santo Domingo with VK Dark. I imagine the pricey snuffs will last me a long, long time. I hope to be snuffing my current stash till I die. I have more comin.
  • @Wild_Alaska I'm a big SP snuffer. I like them more than my nose does. (They tend to stuff me up if I take them exclusively.)

    Santo Domingo is the only snuff I've lost to mold.  As you know it's suuuper moist, which I assume means it's more susceptible to those hyphae hooligans.  I only buy it in large tins or smaller. (no more economy tubs/bags)
  • @SHbickel I keep my main stash in the freezer, and my small tin has a few grams in it in the fridge. I have a whole set of jars on the way for my connoisseur collection I’m taking too seriously. I’ll end up making this stuff lol. I’ll prolly grow my own leaf and all. I’ve turned the neighbor onto it already. There’s two more neighbors coming back when the snow goes...
  • @Wild_Alaska Good on you! There's a mountain of info here on Snuffhouse to help you in your quest to grow and make your own snuff.  Please be sure to share your experience with us.  :)
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