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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

How much nicotine would you say is in thrice brewed?

Im wondering where thrice brewed, Havana toast, and Lundy foot rate on the nicotine fix scale, i seem to get a large nicotine hit from the thrice brewed. I have some havana toast and lundy foot on the way im hoping they are rich in vitamin N but of course i mostly ordered them to enjoy the delicious snuff. i really wanna try NTSU black, I have some taxi red right now and to me personally it hits harder than white elephant or any other snuff for that matter. maybe because im able to shovel so much up there compared to the fine dry white snuffs? Thanks guys :) basically my question is To your brains receptors where would you rate the snuffs ive named. Also is NTSU black as strong or stronger than taxi red? sorry for all the questions haha i also realize your mileage may vary when it comes to nicotine and snuff im just curious what you guys think :) also feel free to mention some of your favorite nicotine heavy hitters so i can try them!


  • volungevolunge Member
    edited April 2021 PM
    In a simplified potency scale from 1 to 3:

    Thrice Brewed - 1
    Havana Toast - 1
    Lundy Foot - 2

    Some heavy hitters:
    Janta Dragon Brand Madras
    NTSU Black
    SWS St James Parish Blend
    SWS Fifty Fifty
    Toque USA Whiskey & Honey
    Samuel Gawith Black Magic aka Silky Dark
    Six Photo Cheeta Chhap GUL
    Six Photo M.G. Madras
    W. E. Garret Scotch (plain, non-sweetened)

    NTSU is stronger than Taxi. It's less alkaline, but contains more total nicotine and higher percentage of free base nicotine. Take a peep at the figures in the Table 1: (scroll down there).
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