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Sir Walter Scott back in stock


Ok, so this is a bit off topic but here goes. I have started enjoying Nicotine pouches recently and a few months back the offers in price for a can was wonderful. One popular online retailer was sending 4 cans out for around a ten and throwing an extra in just for the order. Postage was an afterthought and then IT HAPPENED.  Firstly the supermarkets got hold of the idea and the price for a can went from a few pounds to around 6 pounds thirty and the online offerings can to an end. In other words the tap has been turned off and now you might as well send a blank postal order to the online companies as some are at the same price as a packet of cigs. NO WAY!

Enter Fubar

I was looking over the snuff store site the other day and browsing their selection of pouches. As usual, the prices are steep, but then right at the bottom I found Fubar nicotine pouches at under 2 pounds for 20. WHAT!!! So I have ordered a box of ten packs. Any one tried them and do they contain sugar I wonder. Thats the only draw back I can think off....


  • At the end of the day I fear that Nic Pouches could be a bigger rip than cigs.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited April 2021 PM
    I haven't tried FUBAR NPs and I'm not familiar with ingredients of that particular brand, but Dholakia PAZ NPs contain sucralose and they are the sweetest pouches out of all I had.

    Be careful with NPs, mate. I found them very addictive and gum-irritating. Enjoyed them for the first month, but got tired from nicotine flood during the second two and I started feeling significant lip damage, which I have never experienced with snus. Last month on NPs was literally pain, even switching to milder ones and wrapping them in a rolling paper didn't reduce the burn. I'm back to snus now.

    By the way, now carries probably full range of Oden's portion snus, and price is fair.
  • HuysmansHuysmans Member
    edited April 2021 PM
    I found nicotine pouches very addictive as well. And I get the impression that there must be a big mark up on the prices for most of the brands. I can easily see how people get onto the really strong pouches that are out there.
  • @Huysmans @volunge

    I agree with both of you, Nicotine Pouches are totally addictive and I question just how they will effect the mouth in the long term. I enjoy Snus from time to time, in fact, I have a few cans of General Original in at the moment. The problem I have with Snus is not with the product but with the conflicting information on health. Go to any website on Snus and it will be saying something totally different to any other, and as for Swedish Match they have information on their website which really does place Snus in the best light. Having said that I think Snus is the safest bet, all those users in Sweden cant be wrong surely.... I was vaping for a while and I think that vaping may have health effects. As soon as I stopped, I felt better. 
  • I think you are right @Sir_Rodney_Ffing. The large amount of nicotine some of the pouches contain and the lip burn (which feels very chemical in its intensity) makes me worry about the long term health implications of using them. I would stick with natural smokeless tobacco products like Snus and Snuff.
  • I thought I’d give some generic nic pouches from my local supermarket a go. 1) after a day or so developed two large mouth ulcers 2) on a busy day of meetings, popped a few over the course in place of a pinch or two. Must have overdosed on nic (and it crept up on me) ended up with a massive headache, dizzy. Totally unpleasant. Snuff user for years but before that used to be a Thunder SNUS user without any issue. I think a lot of young folks will see these as cool and freely available and get hooked. They are like main lining nic and never again for me
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