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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Snuff on Seville

Every day I am more sure that Spain is the most disastrous country for the consumption of snuff. Imagine that you leave home without your can of monkfish, you will not be able to enjoy snuff until you return home, since there are hardly any tobacconists that sell this product, and houses that specialize in this .. Don't even dream of it. It is also true that the variety of snuff sold in Spain is negligible. This post is aimed at Spanish consumers, although it is especially for the more experienced Sevillians. Do you know of any house specialized in snuff or a tobacconist with a respectable variety of this product? A hug!


Cada día estoy más seguro de que España es el país más nefasto para el consumo de snuff. Imagina que sales de casa sin tu lata de rapé, no podrás disfrutar de rapé hasta que regreses a casa, ya que no hay apenas estancos que vendan este producto, y casas especializadas en esto.. Ni lo sueñes.
También es cierto que la variedad de snuff que se comercializa en España es ínfima..

Este post va dirigido a los consumidores españoles, aunque es especial a los sevillanos más experimentados. ¿Sabéis de alguna casa especializada en snuff o algún estanco con una variedad respetable de este producto?.
Un abrazo!


  • That sucks, not in Spain but I hope you find some.
  • Thank for the hope! But I see it hard.. Haha
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited April 2021 PM
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited April 2021 PM
    @frandelrio, here's the complete list of nasal snuff which is allowed to sell in Spain:


    I'm afraid you won't find anything else in your country. If your tobacconist does not carry snuff, you can ask him to order anything from this list for you (you'll probably need to buy a whole carton). At least this is a common practice in Italy and France, where similar state-approved lists exist and most tobacconists do not keep all brands of snuff in stock (or even don't have any snuff on site). Guys there have to buy snuff by cartons (10-20 boxes of snuff).

    You are not alone. Even in the UK snuff is hard to find in brick and mortars. Some specialized tobacconists have some brands in stock, but the selection is very scarce, usually limited to 1-5 brands, and snuff there is often dried-out and non-consumable. I cannot buy any snuff in my region (the Baltics) and learned to make my own from whole leaf tobacco, which I order from Germany ( As you can see, whole leaf is very cheap (1 kg costs 9-14 EUR, shipping is 18 EUR) and making your own quality snuff is easy. If you are interested in making your own, you can find the recipes and instructions in these threads: , Some video guides are on Snus At Home Youtube channel:

    You can even make pretty good snuff from additives-free RYO tobaccos – there's a decent selection of RYOs in Spain: . Native American Spirit, Pueblo and some RAW RYO tobaccos are without additives; these are popular brands and you should source them easily. If you prefer very strong snuff, I recommend you giving Pueblo in the yellow pouch a whirl.
  • frandelriofrandelrio Member
    edited April 2021 PM
    Thank you very much friend, I always like to read you on the forum, everything you say makes a lot of sense. You can see the few snuff that are marketed in Spain. I have already made routes through Seville through all the tobacconists, and I was able to verify several things.

    1. The "majority" only have O&G. (the "majority" are 3 tobacconists counted)
    2. The second most there are the Poschl, (the lion and the mint) now I do not remember the names hahaha.
    3. I could only find Neffa Green in a tobacconist.
    4. Regardless of whether they have it or not, practically everyone stops supplying them over time, I have gone to tobacconists that no longer sell these products and that they did sell before.
    5. They practically ignore you when ordering, this is surely due to the fact that the consumption of snuff is so low here that it is not profitable for them, they often tell you that they will ask for it but strangely never it never reaches them.

    Regarding making snuff myself, it is something that attracts me a lot and I thank you for encouraging me to do it. I am going to continue investigating the steps because I think that I am quite denied for these more delicate things hahahaha. A big hug!!
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