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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

SNUV Nutty-ella Snuff Review, 10% Off @ Mr. Snuff, Guest Starring My Bald Spot

Okay, okay... Ya got me... after 2 long months of pretty much hiding out, me and my bald spot are reviewing Snuv's Nutty-ella! Hope y'all enjoy.

Also, as always, feel free to use code: TheReb2020 at checkout on Mr. Snuff. for 10% off. It also stacks with other discounts and promotions for even greater savings.

Sorry it took so long. Lol.... I'll be honest, I ain't the keenest on how I look in UHD lol. That's literally part of what kept me off. That, serious personal obligations, and of course plating new crops to keep the wolves from the door.

Never saw myself in high def, though... Took one look, lol, and I reckoned y'all might not want to either.

That's alright tho I'm embracing the suck... Y'all come join me in it for this illustrious review. Lol Bonus points for nicknaming my bald spot.

I humbly suggest Stephanie, cause that's the name of the soulless pole dancing harpie that caused it to fall out back in 2003 lol. #WildWomen #NeverAgain #StressKills #ThankGodForTheWifey #HashtagHashtag


  • 4:16 - great timing, love that spontaneous chime! And you just got another subscriber, bud. Enjoyed your review.
  • edited April 2021 PM
    Hahaha someone else said the same thing... Funny that it happened as I got my drip, while talking about how good it was... Lol.

    Funny thing is, no matter how weve adjusted this dang thing, it's never kept correct time... Just chimes and counts the hours incorrectly whenever it wants. Set the clock right as can be and by the next hour it'll be an entire hour behind lol How's that even possible?! Idk, but it does it.

    We just keep it around for the racket it makes, I reckon.
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