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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

(Doubt) Bernard Civette Extrafein and SG KB

frandelriofrandelrio Member
edited April 2021 in Types of Snuff
Greetings colleagues, the reason for this post is because I returned to try a snuff that I had forgotten about one of my first purchases from when I started. Surprisingly it has become one of my favorite snuffs, it is Bernard Civette Extrafein. I really like this snuff, the fact is that I do not know what kind of snuff it is exactly, I have been reading and it seems that the Civette Extrafein is an exception of Bernard's snuffs, since it does not resemble almost any or does not follow the same line. I would love for you to help me by telling me more or less what kind of snuff this is, and advise me on some similarities to form my next basket at, I am looking for similar to this one.

Besides, I have a question, I also have a 10g box of Samuel Gawith Kendal Brown, also belonging to one of my first purchases. The fact is that I know that there are different Kendal Brown in SG, what surprises me is that in the pack that I have it does not appear even if it is original, or plain, or special, only Kendal Brown appears (now I add a photo).

Could you tell me if it is the original KB, or what I have is another line that is no longer manufactured? I would like to order large quantities of this one, I love it too.

By the way, tell you also that I have another one from SG Yellow Crest here, I suppose that this snuff is already impossible to find, right?

Finally, could you tell me the nicotine level of the two snuffs that I mentioned? (Samuel Gawith KB and Bernard Civette Extrafein)

A big hug and thanks for your attention!


  • Hello again, I have been doing more research in the forum and I have been able to see that there is another Bernard in the style of Civette, the Alt Offenbacher Kostlich. I don't know what you think about it.

    Even so, I still have the same doubt about SG Kendal Brown in the photo that I have attached, where it is not specified what type of KB is within the ranges. I suspect it is the original as it only says Kendal Brown, but if you could resolve my question, you would be doing me a huge favor. Another hug!
  • I had a tin of SG Kendal Brown once: , it was most akin to the Original. Not the same, but differences were probably down to a batch variation. And Original was similar to KB Scented (KB SCT), which also had a lemon note. Enjoyed them both.

    KB Plain without lemon I found disappointing and will not reorder.

    I'm not familiar with Civette and AOK, but I can recommend you trying other Bernard plain snuffs - Gekachelter Virginie and Feinster Kownoer. Just a word of warning, FK is the only water-based Bernard snuff and it tends to dry out really fast - there's always a chance of getting it stale. GV is oiled. Both are dark, medium-strong snuffs.

    And if you haven't tried Samuel Gawith Silky Dark, definitely go for it! It's a plain, dark and strong snuff with a whiff of smoke. Moisture and grind are similar to KBs.

    All Samuel Gawith snuffs are available at and stores. There's a free shipping for all orders over 25 GBP. Just don't order 10 g tap boxes ;)
  • @volunge To start with, thank you very much for your recommendation regarding the SG KB, I'll start by ordering a large can of the original.

    Also, I love that you have recommended Bernard GV to me, because he is one of my favorite snuffs, it's funny, but at first I thought he was a schmalzler, and I said to myself, a good schmalzler, this is what I like, but no, this was not a schmalzler, but an old-fashioned, traditional snuff.
    In short, it seems that you have caught my tastes very well. That's why I just won't hesitate to try Samuel Gawith Silky Dark, I love smoke-scented snuffs. Overall I love anything smoky, fermented, and flavorful with puffs of smoke.
  • frandelriofrandelrio Member
    edited April 2021 PM
    @volunge One last question, should I avoid the tap boxes of any tobacco or just the ones from SG snuffs? And why should I avoid it? A hug and thank you very much for your attention, it is always a pleasure to read you
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited April 2021 PM
    @frandelrio, oiled German snuffs - Poschl and Bernard (with the exception of non-oiled Kownoer) are safe to go, but tap boxes and tap tins are not airtight and does a great disservice for water-based snuffs, which loose their moisture really fast in those containers.

    So, if you are tempted to order any snuff in a tap tin / tap box from the following list, be aware that there's pretty high probability of receiving them either drier than they are supposed to be or even completely dried-out:

    5 g round tap tins of all Wilsons of Sharrow snuff, including other products of theirs in that format - Dr.Rumney's, Singleton's Super Cool, F&T and J.&H. Wilson (in contrary to popular belief, even high dry type snuffs ("toasts") contain several percents of water when they are fresh);
    5 g round tap tins of Silver Dollar;
    8 g tap tins of McChrystal's (as far as I know, McCh snuffs in this type of container are sold only in Germany);
    10 g tap boxes of Gawith Hoggarth snuffs, including Samuel Gawith line.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited April 2021 PM
    Sadly, SG Yellow and Blue Crests were discontinued, but GH still make SG Red Crest (non-scented one - the blandest snuff ever produced, even lacking the natural flavour of tobacco and of very disappointing low potency).
  • Thank you very much for the answer @volunge , it is appreciated having you here
  • its seems that Civette, Feinster Kownoer and Alt Offenbacher from Bernards are no longer produced
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited May 2021 PM
    Damn! I still haven't tried Civette and AOK.. FK seems safe, tho. At least still listed on their site, but maybe they are just being slow with updating / delisting.

    Were there any announcements about discontinuation? I've only noticed one or another "Ausgelistet" at some German online stores so far.
  • It can't be .. Civette is one of my big favorites ..
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