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Wilson's Nicotine Scale

Is it just me or is the nicotine scale on Wilson's website a bit hit or miss?

I find some of their high nicotine rated snuffs very easy to take loads of (Brunswick Black rappee for example, or Super M)...the nicotine definitely registers, but it's not overpowering.

If I take a good sniff of Grand Cairo however, especially if I've had a wee tipple, it makes me need to sit down for a minute or two. Presumably I should get the same effect from Brunswick but it just doesn't hit me the same way, is it something to do with moisture or grind perhaps, although if the nicotine is there then you would expect it to catch up with you regardless no?

Would be curious to know other's thoughts! I've only been snuffing for a few months so I'm still really just wetting my beak!


  • Grand Cairo may be the strongest snuff I've had, but several others on this forum say it does nothing for them.  Does that point to differences between people, or difference between batches?
    I agree with you that the scale is... unreliable, but I'm not sure why.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited April 28 PM
    I would say, their scale is accurate enough, but it's slightly off when it comes to their coarse rappees and toasts.

    Grand Cairo and Gold Label are among strongest WoS snuffs, as are Santo Domingo, Singleton's Super Cool and Old Paris, but WoS nicotine ceiling isn't very high. On a 1-10 nic scale WoS fivers would hit 7.5-8.
  • @SHbickel - same here, I love Grand Cairo but a tin lasts me a good while, it hits me more than Toque quit (for example), I've had 3 tins of it now and it's been fairly consistent!

    @volunge I've not tried Gold Label yet, but Old Paris is one of my favourites and I love Santo Domingo too. They don't seem to give me that same "wobble" as Grand Cairo does though which - for me - is comparable to the last couple of puffs of a strong cigar...I need to take a minute!!

    Tobacco is such an interesting plant! Can't think of anything else that has such inconsistent effects between people (except maybe chillies?)
  • HuysmansHuysmans Member
    edited April 29 PM
    I have similar experiences. Irish 22 is related as 5 but I don't find the nicotine particularly strong. Because of its fineness I expected more nicotine from the 22. Grand Cairo on the other hand I find stronger than Gold Label. Brunswick is too coarse for me to take a lot of so it doesn't register as highly.
  • @Huysmans How could I have forgotten about Irish 22?? It's a great snuff, as is Dr Rumney's Brown - both rated 5 in terms of nicotine, and I can shovel them into my nose by the fistful!
  • @RobEdgar I just had a few pinches from an oldish tin of Brunswick that I am getting to the bottom of which has got fairly dry. I got a much bigger nicotine hit from it than when it was moist. I'm liking it better. Not as clogging in the nose and far more potent.
  • @Huysmans Ah, very interesting! Could it just be that the drier it is, the bigger surface area, the more you get per sniff? I've got a Santo Domingo and a Brunswick which I've not opened yet, I might let them dry out a bit and see what happens!
  • HuysmansHuysmans Member
    @RobEdgar Personally I prefer drier finer Snuffs to coarser moist ones which might have something to do with it. I can certainly get a bigger pinch up the nostrils when it's dried out. Try it with a small portion first maybe.
  • GormurGormur Member
    I don't find WoS snuffs all too strong.  Dr. Rumney's Brown and their toast aren't impressive in nicotine but they have good nicotine and other nice qualities.  For me Samuel Gawith Irish D is much better and has better nicotine.  Grand Cairo is also pretty good but in terms of nicotine it isn't anything remarkable.  That's not why I like it though
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