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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Online Nasal Snuff Community Rumor Mill, Please Stop

Now, this group doesn't seem to be so given to the rumor mill as other locations online, especially not as bad as reddit for sure... But thought I'd share, because it's gonna take us all working together to protect our passion.

Original Post

Not trying to come down on anyone in particular, but I've got something stuck in my craw right about now, that I'm afraid could VERY negatively impact all of us. Don't take offense, I ain't tryin to be a dick... We just got some habits that we need to work on together as a community... Hell, I've been guilty of this myself up until the last 9 or so months, so I ain't comin from a place of highfalutin browbeatin'... Its out of of genuine concern, havin' see the impact of it and havin' been given to that habit without realizing or thinking a thing of it myself.

Let's all try to work together to protect our treasured and very endangered hobby.


  • miamimarkmiamimark Moderator
    I never heard anything about this rumor until this post... 
  • Could someone briefly explain in writing? I am Spanish and I have a hard time listening to English. Thanks!
  • @MiamiMark I am surprised, but pleasantly. This rumor is so pervasive that it's been spreading for months... And it's so bad that just the other day I ran into a pipe smoker at my local tobacco shop, and even he had heard and believed that Samuel Gawith had gone out of business.
  • I dont think Samuel Gawith's going out of bussiness.
    Maybe they're gonna raise the prices because of every store wait to offload the old stock and then restock with the new shining prices....
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited May 2021 PM
    Old-stagers are well aware of this GH operating mode and are used to the odd disappearance of their products from the shelves every here and then, both pipe tobacco and snuff. It's relatively small producer, who has never hidden the fact that they make snuff from what is left from manufacturing pipe tobacco, and it takes time to accumulate that material for running another batch. Also, it should be taken into consideration that GH produce their pipe tobaccos only when a sufficient number of orders from the retailers is reached, which also adds to our wait.

    Repetitious rumours about the discontinuation or GH even going out of a business might get on nerves, sure (as might do the GH modus operandi), but they are only re-spiking interest in their poducts (quoting PiperAtTheGates, "blends do seem to gain a kind of boost to their status when they disappear from the shelves") and even trigger FOMO panic buys, which is definitely not a bad thing for a retailer and the producer. So, it's quite a routine. And pretty much always a learning experience for newbies. Should be regarded as a normal Q/A sort of thing.
  • That's a very useful piece of info... Now, to find me some 1792!
  • All I know is that the Samuel Gawith grinder is no longer in use.
  • Zebra2374Zebra2374 Member
    edited May 2021 PM
    @volunge By coincidence I just this morning said something very similar elsewhere here. I completely agree. Normal for SG.
  • @Volunge As Samuel Gawith make snuff from the pipe tobacco left overs, is it possible to link a certain snuff to a certain pipe tobacco produced by them? Like would I be able for example to find out which pipe tobacco KB Plain is made from?
  • I'm afraid it can be more challenging than it might seem. Snuff actually is not made from pipe tobacco.

    Initially it's the same leaf, but pipe tobacco and snuff are produced from different parts of leaf. Finest grade lamina (the most flavourful and rich in nicotine part of leaf) is turned to pipe tobacco; leftovers - midrib (central vein, stem), smalls (scraps, small pieces / crumbs of leaves broken during handling) and lower grade leaves - are used for snuff. Then it's different processing of tobacco. Grinding, alkalizing and maturing ("fermentation") dramatically changes the organoleptic properties of tobacco. Sure, one still can recognize fired, Virginia or Burley-dominated bases, but snuff processing gives those tobaccos new qualities, which make them substantially different from the same tobaccos in pipe baccy.
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