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WoS Apri any good?

expersexpers Member
How is the grind/moisture/nose burn?


  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    Nobody answering yet. I have not had it for a while, but I can say that I really liked the scent. I would say a fresher apricot scent compared to Poschl Gawith Original. I think I remember it having a decent potency and a medium plus moisture level. If that is any help?
  • expersexpers Member
    yes thank you
  • volungevolunge Member
    Some folks have reported that Jaxons Apri Frosted is pretty decent at it. It's mentholated SP-type snuff, rich in apricot flavour. To grasp the texture, let me tell you that all Jaxons are produced by McChrystal's, and they use WoS-made flour for their own snuffs and whole Jaxons range.

    Jaxons are available at and Descriptions at are outdated (haven't been edited since the change of manufacturer – they were made by Samuel Gawith previously), none of current Jaxons snuff is dark, and all are based on SP-type flour.
  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    Good! I would give it a try!
  • expersexpers Member
    Just received and can say it's quite nice, to me it's not very distinguishable from the toque version which was one of the few toques I enjoyed.  Hopefully my ability to detect the scent will last, so many snuffs I just lose the ability to perceive the scent after a couple days. 
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