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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Keeping snuff exposed to air?

Hi everyone!

Okay so as I am new to snuff, I don't have any small tin or anything to use snuff from(I actually do have nicotine pouch plastic tins, but to be fair with you I don't like the look of them for snuff) and I also am not a fan of tap boxes. 

So I was wondering if I could put half a day worth of snuff in a tiny 50ml tea cup, and just cover it lightly with something(so it's not sealed, just covered) and when I want to use it just uncover it and take a pinch. 

Is that going to hurt the snuff if it's like that about .2 grams for 7ish hours?

Thank you in advance, 


  • It will definitely dry out, but I sometimes do the same. I use a little dish for easy access, and toss the remaining at the end of the day.  I could rehydrate instead of throwing it away... but it's such a small amount, I have more snuff than I could use in two lifetimes, and I'm monumentally lazy.
  • @SHbickel I see, i add a bit so that I use it throughout the day... So it would be better to do that with dry snuffs?

    Also, I wish I had that much snuff haha, I have to be really mindful of spending it I have just a bit, sadly I am quite a user, so I settle on using every spec of it
  • You're only 2 weeks into your snuff journey, right?  I suspect SAD will hit pretty soon and you'll be rolling in snuff tins like Scrooge McDuck.  (Snuff Acquisition Disorder)  :P
  • Hahah, sure hope so, although snuff is cheap, as a student, it's pretty hard to acquire more snuff than I can use  :)  
    But hey I'm not complaining as long as there's enough 
  • @SHbickel "Snuff Acquisition Disorder" Hahahahaha!!! It's absolutely a real thing, only started snuffing about six months ago and I'm collecting kgs of the stuff!!!
  • I am using empty small eliquid bottle as a transportation container it does the trick.
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