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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Snuff stuck on finger while pinching

Just got my first snuff order in, and prior to this i only used gawith Apricot. And now one thing happens, I could easily pinch Hawith apricot, but when I tried pinching Viking Dark for example, 90% gets stuck on my finger and it's near impossible to snuff it without snuffing hard and then getting it in my throat, also, it's incredibly messy... I tried rolling it in my fingers and "bunny sniffing" but most if then just falls out. Any tips would anyone?

Thank you so much :) 


  • Take a bigger pinch so there is more snuff that is not in contact with your skin, or use one of those snuff spoons.
  • Seconded. Also try a wide but quite shallow tin. That way you're not ferretting about for a pinch.
  • Spoon a small portion on to the back of your hand and sniff directly from there. That's the best way I find to take anything that's difficult to pinch.
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