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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Indian Snuff

BrycetonBryceton Member
edited June 2021 in Types of Snuff
looking for suggestions. I haven't tried a whole lot of Indian snuffs (7 or so) but so far i haven't found one that i enjoy. which i find odd because i've enjoyed nearly every english snuff i've tried. Most indian snuffs ive tried i hate, some i can tolerate. so i'm looking for suggestions. What is your favorite indian snuff?
Edit: ok I'm exaggerating here i can tolerate most of them hated one but havent really enjoyed any.
So far I've tried from least to best:
6p Mg madras- disliked the most, reminiscent of pinching from a cigar ashtray. Ended up tossing the can.
Fubar medic- ok, has a quality reminiscent of urinal cake
White horse white- ok, very bland not bad just not great.
Snuv rusty trombone- ok, not a fan of the slight perfume like quality though I'm not sure it was supposed to have any
Dragon brand madras- I almost like this one still has some ashtray quality but not as pronounced and occasionally I like it
6p medicated 666 - almost like this one it's a little more heavily medicated than I enjoy though my wife likes the scent

I guess I've only tried six of them


  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    Which brands and which of their snuffs have you tried so far? Do you tend to like the scent of Indian incense? Overall, I tend to favor 6 Photo. Anarkali, Super Kailash, Special.
  • Dragon Madras, quite strong though, rustica in it I believe.
  • I've edited the original post. Now that you mention it I'm not a big fan of Indian incense with the exception of nag champa I particularly like that one.
    I've placed an order last week that includes 3 thimbles from 6 photo that I'm still waiting to receive if I like them I'll be sure to update. Anarkali, la natural, and cheeta.
    The dragon madras is growing on me a little bit. I think that by the time I'm done with the 100g tub I might enjoy it but it hasn't been love at first sniff.
  • If you like mentholated snuff and sweet, vanilla-like notes, definitely try 6P Begum Green. Available on toquesnuffdotcom now, too. My favourite Indian menthol + good nicotine.

    My fave Indian plain is Janta Dragon Madras.
  • I recommend 6P Kailash and Special to newbies to the Indian sphere. From the sound of it, you may not end up a fan, but I'd recommend hanging on to the tins and revisiting in the future. Tastes change, you know?
  • BrycetonBryceton Member
    edited June 2021 PM
    Begum green sounds great. That, kailash, and special will be on my next order. Thanks.
    After that I'll have to try something from dholakia.
    My taste preference for english snuffs favors SPs and toasts above everything else, after that the cured naturals like for example thors hammer. Then fruits then florals. Though with the florals its once in a while. Mints seem to be hit or miss, I like silver dollar spearmint and crumbs of comfort a lot but really dont like viking spear for some reason. I dont remember trying any perfumed english snuffs. I have yet to try German snuffs other than otto but I'm not sure that counts.

  • @Bryceton totally off the topic of Indian snuff, but have you tried Grand Cairo? My highest recommendation.  :x
  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    Maybe Toques Original/ SP Extra. The SP Extra is the more potent one, both are SPs. Tom Buck from Wilsons of Sharrow is another good SP. Fribourg and Treyer High Dry Toast is really nice.
  • @SHbickel

    Haven't tried Grand Cairo yet though it's been on the list of snuffs i want to try for a while, It will be a few months before i need to order more since my last order was rather large.

    @Mr_O SP Extra is one of my favorite snuffs, I enjoy HDT a lot, but as far as plain toasts go i prefer IHT and TNT more.
    General update, I just tried the Anarkali, its great, i really enjoy it, scent reminds me a lot of nag champa. Scent is pleasant, lasting, and just the right intensity. Love at first sniff.
    What i dont understand is how it is so black. It doesn't seem to smell like a fire cured tobacco, but it certainly looks like one.
    Now i'm looking forward to trying the cheeta and LA natural. I guess i was just unlucky or unwise with my previous indian selections up to this point.
    I have a newfound respect for the indian snuffs now.
    Thanks for all the suggestions.
  • If you like nag champa then try the Dholakia Taj.
    But the best Indian snuffs,for me anyway,are the 6P Kailash and Special!
  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    edited June 2021 PM
    @Bryceton. Glad you are finding more that you like! I like the Anarkali as well! I agree with tobaccobob about the 6P Special, might be a hit with you as well. I guess some people think that some of them might have some food coloring or something. Could it be from some kind of fermentation? I do not know. I do not really think about it much myself.
  • @Mr_O Fermented snuffs, even the darkest ones, don't stain that much. I'm one of those guys who think that Indian black snuffs are either dyed or contain charcoal. Still, I do enjoy occasional pinch of those made by Six Photo, especially Special.
  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    It is a bit curious.
  • On another note I tried adding a tonka bean to a small amount of the dragon madras. I didn't expect the scents to meld together well because it's so different but it actually turned out great.
    I guess it's one of those things like pickles and vanilla ice cream. You dont expect it to go together but are amazed when it does.
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