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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

What Should I Be Feeling?

Hi all! 

New to snuff-taking (about 3 months) and I've experimented with a few ways of insufflating - none of which have given me an 'AHA!' moment. 

My current snuffs include Honey Bee, ASC Peach, ASC Scotch Dental, and Tube Rose.

The Honey Bee (super fine) and Peach (fine) are the most enjoyable; however, the former often causes coughing fits while the latter smells nice, but the sweetness is never tasted. 

I say all of that to ask: What should I be feeling after snuffing? More specifically, where should the snuff be sitting once sniffed/inhaled? For me, it either sits in my front nostril (causes tingling and pleasant smell, but no taste), the back of my nose (causing a throat itch but I can taste it), or on my sinuses (causing sneezing but I can taste it). 

Methods Tried: 

  • Front of nose/Scrunched Nose (Pro: Easy to take, pleasant smell; Con: No sweetness)
  • Pinched Nostril (Pro: Easy to take, Con: Clogs Nose) 
  • Boxcar (Pro: Feels best, Con: Causes Sneezing and Coughing) 
  • Snuff Bullet (Pro: Feels right; Con: Hits the sinuses or doesn't hit at all) 
  • Knuckles (Pro: Good for some snuffs, Con: Messy)
  • Back of Hand (Pro: Goes right in for all snuffs; Con: Messy, Inconsistent delivery) 
Is there a "zone" or "spot" I should be aiming for to maximize both smell and taste? Or do I just snuff for whichever I find more satisfying? 


  • SHbickelSHbickel Member
    edited June 2021 PM
    Snuff should line the inside of your nostrils so nicotine can be absorbed through the capillaries. Obviously, try to avoid hitting throat, sinuses, lungs.  :)

    The snuffs you mentioned are pretty difficult to take.  Learning your preferred method is like learning to ride a bike. You're going to skin your knees a few times before you get the hang of it!

    I've found two things to really help with the finer snuffs:

    1. I take a big breath to fill my lungs before taking the snuff. This limits the "depth" I can insufflate to hopefully keep it in my nostril.
    2. I've learned to close my throat, same as going underwater without plugging my nose. Then, I sort of bob my throat down to pull air in through my nose. This shallow burst lines the inside of my nostril without the chance of going into my lungs because my throat is closed. Adjusting the strength of the "throat bob" takes some learning to keep it from blowing out an eyeball, though. 

    I tend to prefer the "box car" so I can get a little more distance from my snooter than the back of the hand provides, but I also really enjoy taking HUGE pinches too. I almost shove the snuff into my nose while using the two methods above, but I'm careful to be very gentle with my insufflation.

    Stick with it and you'll find your preferences.

    EDIT: And sneezing... I think it's just part of the experience with some snuffs. Some cause sneezing no matter what for me (Elmo's), and with others, the urge to sneeze wanes with more usage (all WoS snuffs).
  • Thanks for that! Tried method two and it feels a lot nicer.
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