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Sir Walter Scott back in stock


I'm an avid reader in general, but have listened to audiobooks for years as an alternative while driving or working. Anyone else enjoy these? What are some of your favorites?

Right now, I just started the audio version of Tolkien's Return of the King, read by Rob Inglis. You either love or hate his interpretation. Some people find the improvised tunes he puts to the various sets of lyrics in the series off-putting; I find they add to the experience of the narration.


  • Betty_BWBetty_BW Member
    edited July 2021 PM
    I like a good audiobook too. I've usually got something on while I'm pottering about. Most recently the Rotherweird trilogy, it deserves another listen I think. Can't beat a bit of LOTR though.
  • Brideshead Revisited read by Jeremy Irons was just so entrancing. The whole book came to life.
  • @Huysmans I'll have to check it out.
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