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Favourite food / cuisine / drink

Trawling through the threads on this forum, I've been learning a huge amount about snuff, from production to technique. One thing has struck me quite forcefully is how sophisticated everyone's palate is which got me thinking:

What's everyone's favourite food? Do you cook yourself? Favourite drinks (alcoholic and non alcoholic)? I'd be fascinated to know and maybe find some new, non snuff-related things to try!

For myself, I absolutely love Indian food. Far better, in my opinion, to cook it at home as once you get a few recipes under your belt the aromas and flavours are absolutely limitless, so subtle and varied yet full of flavour, different regions have completely different traditions too, so as far as I can recreate these in my own kitchen, it's a never ending journey!

Drinks-wise, I really like a heavily sherried whisky like Glenfarclas 15, but I'm really getting in to IPAs too.


  • It's hard to pick a favorite cuisine. I love Thai, Indian, Japanese, Mediterranean, hell-- I just like food!

    I cook at home a lot. I generally like playing it by ear and slapping something together on the fly based on what I have in the fridge/cupboard. Thankfully I live just down the road from a farmer's market so I have access to lots of cheap and delicious veggies.

    I use recipes for inspirations on occasion.  Here are a few of my recent favorites:

    And a random specific ingredient call out: Castelvetrano olives. They're amazing, nutty, buttery. And they go great in a martini with Bombay Sapphire Gin in particular.

  • I'm a simple man nothing beats a nice thick burger and fries, I have even ordered it at fancy restaurants.
  • Like with snuff I love a wide variety of different types of foods.
    If I had to pick a dish right now I would go with lamb vindaloo extra spicy with the naan that has nuts and other stuff in it.

    I go through phases of liking different stuff throughout time and switch things up frequently but I favor spicy stuff.
  • Up until the pandemic hit I was a chef, I've worked in lots of casual dining and bars and then got into fine dining. I worked at a few Italian places and at Vancouvers most awarded fine dining French restaurant Le Crocodile for a bit. My favourite to cook and eat is definetly Italian. Italian is the perfect blend of fatty, acidic and simple ingredients. French food has a few outstanding dishes as well. My favourite is definitely foie gras and every desert lol. I'm also a big fan of lamb/goat curries and cheeseburgers.
    My wife and I have a catering company here called Minxy Catering, my wife is First Nation's so we do a lot of fusion First Nation's dishes. Smoked salmon appetizers, Bannock dishes and that sort of thing.

    As for drinks my favourite is a good sour beer. Vancouver has a ton of breweries that constantly make seasonal sours which are usually bomb. My favourite cocktail is a sidecar or a gin/vodka soda. I'm not a big fan of tonic water. I've been sober since June so now I just drink pop and tea/coffee.
  • HuysmansHuysmans Member
    edited October 2021 PM
    @Brandasaur Totally with you on the sour beers. I first discovered the beauty of sours when I randomly picked up a Rodenbach Grand Cru from the local bottle shop.
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