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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Best all day snuffs?

Looking for some new recommendations on good all day snuffs before I make my next order.


  • SHbickelSHbickel Member
    edited September 2021 PM
    Probably the only snuff I can shovel in my face without 1) getting sick of it and 2) hurting my schnoz is Toque Quit. Lovely snuff.

    I definitely can imbibe (and enjoy) a dry, plain toast all day, but sometimes my nose gets grumpy.  F&T High Dry Toast, Toque Natural Toast, and WoS No. 22 are my three.

    If you're one to enjoy SPs, Tom Buck is my pick. Alas, I get pretty snuffed up if SPs are all I take.
  • I have good luck with toasts- usually HDT or Whiskey and Honey USA.  Lately I've fallen in love with Thor's Hammer which makes my nose pretty gross after a few pinches.
  • For me it is dry old Paris and rustica 3:1 can’t be beat for driving to and from work.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited September 2021 PM
    For something simple, plain and not too strong, I would recommend Neffa Ifrikia. If you are lucky to get it fresh, expect medium moisture, medium grind and ust a whiff of ammonia. Dried out (often a case, and not a bad thing, when it comes to this particular snuff), it turns a tad finer and a wee bit more potent. It's rustica snuff, but nicotine content isn't very high, merely 1%. If you cannot find Neffa for a reasonable price, WoS Viking Blonde is probably the closest alternative (made from tabacum, tho).

    If you prefer something stronger and like plain dark tobacco of medium easy-to-take grind with higher moisture and a sharp burn, go for Samuel Gawith Silky Dark (ex SG Viking Dark / Snuffstore Black Magic). It's one of the strongest British snuffs. Be warned, it's quite a dripper! Might be right up your alley, tho.

    NTSU Black is even coarser, moister and stronger. Plain, dark.

    Now if you crave for extra strong, give Janta Dragon Madras a whirl. Grind and texture-wise it's similar to other Madras-type snuffs (plain, roasted, greased with ghee), but head and shoulder above most of them in nicotine dept. Honestly, I can't think of anything stronger on the market.
  • Toque Whisky & Honey-not the USA- is all day for me. Just wonderful.
  • Usually plain and strong for me too, Dragon Madras, HDT and Toque Quit. I have recently got into Viking Blonde, which is another amazing all day snuff. Although I will change it up now and then, usually a menthol first thing in the morning, Bernard Jubilaums is excellent and then for a bit of a change Toque Lime Toast.
  • HuysmansHuysmans Member
    edited October 2021 PM
    Grand Cairo, HDT, Old Paris, Tom Buck and Gold Label are all snuffs I can enjoy without pause all day. Also enjoy the Janta Dragon Madras but it's strength limits the amount of times I can use it on a average day.
  • I find Viking Blonde or Viking Brown good all day toasts. Toque Natural Toast works well also. 
  • Hmmm... I'm not too sure on this question you know peeps....  :-?

    My GOAT snuff was the sadly lamented SG's London Brown :(( I think probably either SWS Aged Border Rapee of M&W Black Rapee probably. I haven't tried the Viking Dark Rappee yet; anyone have any thoughts on that? Rotation is the key I think, I love toasts but I do find a course dark rapee does mean a clear nose without any messing about. 
  • I like to bring one of my toasts or plain snuffs to work with me. They have the best hit for nic relief and I can't stand the drips of flavoured snuffs. I don't always have a chance to blow my nose good or spit either. When I get home is when I dip into my others.
  • This has got me craving Viking Thors Hammer which I don't currently own. I used to love this stuff as an all day snuff. 
  • horus92horus92 Member
    edited October 2021 PM
    My bread-and-butter snuff is 41 Photo White Elephant, though there does not seem to be a massive difference between the different Indian whites and I wouldn't lose any sleep if I had to switch to another brand.

    1.) It's very strong
    2.) It's clean - a couple of blows clears the nose, unlike other snuffs. Even scotches and toasts I have to blow my nose a lot more
    3.) It's pale so if you're caucasian it doesn't make your face so messy
    4.) It has a neutral but pleasant, natural scent
    5.) It doesn't clog your nose whatsoever and, if anything, opens your nasal passages quite a bit

    The only downside is that the nic is so high that it can make me a little jittery, overstimulated, even anxious if I take too much.

    To take it I use the "suppressed yawn" method: don't inhale at all but close your throat and drop your jaw slowly like you're hiding a yawn, this gives the right amount of vacuum. I usually take it off my thumbnail.
  • I'm a big fan of WE, but I don't use it outside of the home after someone casually mentioned I smelled like fish food once.  :\">
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