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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Where to find RR Mills Maccoboy and W.E. Garrett as well as Bruton and Carhart in North Carolina

towhee89towhee89 Member
edited January 20 in General
Hi all, I saw a post about someone in North Carolina being able to obtain the RR Mills Maccoboy, which I'd love to try. I live in Burke County, NC so this is a haven for smokeless tobacco and dry snuff - I've been able to find a lot of the Swisher Helme's and some American Snuff Co. such as Dental (scotch and sweet), Tube Rose, and Peach. However I have no clue why all the USST's scotches are missing from every store in my area that carries snuff (such as Bruton, Carhart) which I have really been wanting to try as well as the RRM Maccoboy. I think it's one distributor around here that drives a van and brings stuff in the early morning that I saw at a small gas station. I forgot to ask him about anything but I bet that's who I'd need to find, a distributor or talk to the gas station owners. 

Any info would be appreciated. I'm always also willing to trade for other dry snuffs from elsewhere than the US or help people out that want a steady supply of US Scotches. 

The Food Lion near me has an amazing collection, I only grabbed Superior as the others I wanted were in the larger 4.65oz sizes - but they had Top and Lorillard!! Wanted the Lorillard, price was $38.50 without tax or something crazy. They've all gone up after covid I think. 

If this isn't the right place to post, feel free to remove.

Here's some photos of what I have found around here recently:


  • I live in Craven county Nc. Food Lion and Tobacco stores are only places i can get snuff. In the pics u posted , what r the 3 tins stacked on top of eachother  besibe of the peach snuff? Looks German maybe? Are u able to find Ralphs scotch snuff? It is by far my fav. Is Dental unsweet any good? Ive never found that one.
  • The tins stacked on top of each other are Swedish snus - if that's what meant? They are Grov loose, General Extra Strong loose, and the last one is a snus by AG, SISI The Emperor. Dental unsweet is very strong. It gives me the most nicotine buzz out of all the ones I have so far. My favorites right now are the Dental Sweet, Superior Scotch Snuff, 
  • And no I have never been able to find Ralphs
  • ar47ar47 Member
    edited April 3 PM
    Here's my haul (the only two they had) from a WinnDixie in SW Florida (USA) a couple weeks ago

    Edit: having trouble with picture. Navy sweet and RR sweet
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