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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Why does Mr Snuff bill in US dollars

I was hoping to buy some snuff from Mr Snuff but when I got to check out all of the prices had changed to US dollars. My debit card charges for foreign currency transactions so this will add to the price. Why does a company based in the Isle of Man need to bill in US dollars.


  • Why not ordering from
  • I have discount code for Mr Snuff otherwise it would be snuffstore as their prices are better even though they are the same company. It's just a bit irritating to have to pay in USD as you are never sure what exchange rate you'll get and card charges.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited January 21 PM
    In my experience the amount charged for currency conversion (I only use EUR account) was negligible. Some cents.

    It would be rather odd if US-buyer oriented online store billed in euros or pounds.
  • Snuffstore often give away 10 or 20 percent discount codes if you leave purchases not checked out for a few days.
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