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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Long opened tins of snuff

Hi all hope you are keeping well

Apologies of this has been covered before

What are your thoughts on tins that have been open for 6 to 12 months
I am too impatient to finish 1 tin so I often have a few open and I have just found 5 basically full tins of snuff that I must have opened anywhere between 6 and 18 months ago
The snuff is still moist and smells great but would you still sniff the snuff

The tins are wilsons style but mullins and westley hence my being reluctant to bin them

All thoughts appreciated



  • If you find snuff still enjoyable, don't bin it.
  • I have some cans of snuff that have been open for 15 years.
    They get plenty dry in that amount of time, but adding a few drops of water and shaking it up makes it halfway back to new.
  • Ive a habit of decanting 3 or 4 grams of snuff from eah new order that i open, then it gets repacked, vacuum sealed with a kitchen food sealer, labelled and stuck into an old fishing bait bridge. This is because like almost everyone here, i collect more snuff than i could possibly ever use, and take advantage of discounts and sale items when not really needed. 
    When i started, i had a few small tap tins go odd on me, forming hard little clumps and lumps, making it hard to use, and i even had a fairly large cheap metal tin of an indian snuff that had actually gone mouldy before i had opened it. 
    So, im overcautious now. 
    Anyway, if it smells and looks ok, snuff it up, and if some flavour has gone, try mixing it with another strongly flavoured one. 
  • @Just_Browsing, do you remember which Indian snuff it was?
  • @volunge yes, it was 41Photo Himtaj. The tin was very " rusty", far more rusty than usual ( they are made of some terrible cheap metal ) , and inside, the top was covered in a moldy material. Luckily, these indian snuffs are very cheap, and it didnt put me off 41Photo products, i just binned it 
  • Exactly the same did I with my Himtaj Black tin. I had a feeling it was the same snuff, by the way.
  • I have snuffs, mostly American Scotches, that are years, some decades old. I’ve found that the tins sometimes impart a metallic scent to the snuff, but the large glass jars do not. I’ve got a jar of Red Seal Sweet that looks to be about 40 years old, and it’s aged and matured into a very good, unique scented snuff. The same is true for a jar of Garrett Sweet, it’s very good. I’ve also got a one pound tin of Gallagher’s Irish High Toast that I bought from a man in Australia. Unopened still wrapped in brown paper, it’s lost it’s toasted scent but it’s still okay. And the date on the bottom says 1943. I think it must’ve been carried south during the Second World War.
  • bobbob Member
    edited February 13 PM
    only issue really is drying out. Which how serious of an issue that is depends on the snuff. Some hold their scent when dry and others loss all scent while the worst is sometimes only certain components disappear from the profile and what's left ain't so great. Bulk is the way to go though. It stays great for years in jars and is perfect when you put it in your snuff box. Also more affordable. 
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