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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Wilsons of Sharrow Batch Codes

Has anyone else noticed new Wilsons tins come with a different form of batch code? Instead of three digits followed by the year and the letter EG 389 21A you get a string of six digits and the letter A with no discernable way of noting the year of manufacture. I first received one like this in December. I have written to them asking for more information but no response one week on.


  • I've noticed this as well. Have you heard back?
  • @Madhatt unfortunately not my email remains unanswered. I get the feeling they don't want to divulge any secrets about their new coding!
  • Er, it's a CODE, most products have them somewhere, being as such, not surprising they don't want to divulge what it means.
  • HuysmansHuysmans Member
    edited February 21 PM
    @Hoffwell yes indeed but my complaint is it has gone from being an easy to read one to one which is not. It used to be so easy to divine and know if a tobacconist was trying to fob you off with an old tin. Most general products do have them but then again most products have either a date of manufacture or a best before date.
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