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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Long Term Storage

Hello snuff community,

I have quite a few tap boxes and a couple tins as well. With more on the way soon. I have double bagged the same ones with each other and then put them in mason jars, then into my fridge at about 10 or 12 degrees Celsius. I do not put food in this fridge only tobacco products.

Will this keep everything fresh and enjoyable even after a long time stored in these conditions?

How long can I expect my snuff to keep?

Lastly, is there a better way to store long term than my current approach?

Let me know what you think.

Thanks community,


  • I would say to try different methods and see what works for you. I keep my tins in original packaging. Then I place in an ice chest to keep light and air away. I typically keep out what I am trying and even that is in a tin to keep out of the breeze of the ceiling fan.
  • Thanks for the input.
  • Also keep in mind that moist snuffs can corrode the tins from inside....
    The best material for long term storage I think,is glass.
  • Ok, interesting insight. Thank you.
  • @tobaccobob have you had any blends that have had a metallic aroma due to long term storage?
  • It's not just a matter of aroma....I have found rust inside the tins!
    For example snuffs like F&T Santo Domingo,WoS Best Dark,SG Kendal Brown etc...won't last very long in their original tins(maybe a couple of months is ok but for longer time better decant them in glass jars).
    At least that's my personal experience.
  • mrmanosmrmanos Member
    My storage method is to put electrical tape on 20 gram tins. Then, with bulk snuff, add sliced, washed carrots, about 1/4” thick, just a few. Yesterday I found an old 100 gram tub of De Kralingse Peppermunt and one of St Omer. Both dry as the desert. I put two of the aforementioned carrot slices in each, this morning both were refreshed to almost their original moisture and scent. Works every time for me. I used to put the bulks in baby food jars, but it just became too much of a production for me in my old age! Simple is best imo.
  • I've used carrot or potato, ye olde tonquin seed works well when soaked prior to use, but your snuff will be scented with it obviously! ;-) :))
  • I mostly have tap boxes. I like them a lot. However I am waiting on an order of Poschl's "Schmalzler Brazil A" 100 gram pouch.

    I think I'll put some in a used and rinced out round tin. Then I will put the pouch into a plastic zip bag and into my tobacco fridge to keep it fresh.
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