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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Share a great location to enjoy a pinch of snuff.

Sometimes it’s the perfect time and place to have a good pinch of snuff. Share your favourites and add a photo if you have one.



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    Cross country skiing near Vancouver, BC and stopped to check out this old cabin - what a great spot for a pinch of my favorite snuff, Poschl's Gletscher Prise. Awesome!
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    I hiked down for a beach fire during an unusually cold and snowy winter. The fresh snow, the water, the trees, ice cold sea breeze and the cedar smoke all made for a great setting to enjoy some snuff. I had an unlabelled tin of a mentholated McChrystals.
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    Spring hiking in the woods north of Vancouver with a tin of OTTO Schmalzler - Such a treat!

       I don’t know if this stuff is heavily fermented or what, but the tobacco smell is incredibly rich. The walk in was great, with smells of decomposing wood, coniferous needles, strong mountain breezes rocking the tops of giant fir trees and tons of fresh growth popping up everywhere.
       After a pinch out of the Otto Schmalzler tin, the walk out was full of fresh air, memories of Grandpa’s very old pipe tobacco can and gratitude for such simple pleasures.

      This post is definitely becoming my diary of snuff moments. It’s good to reflect as well as to share. I love wonderful outdoor aromas and I love this very unique (I think) and special snuff.
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