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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Don't buy snuff on, they are selling 5 year old tins

I feel obliged to make a post about this matter, so nobody else will get scammed. Recently I made an order on While most of the tins were fine and fresh, two of the 20g fribourg & treyer tins that I got to them were from 2017 and 2018. While there was no mold, there is hardly any scent left. I sent them two emails, and haven't received a reply. I'm aware that most of you most likely aren't using that site to purchase snuff, but I just wanted to warn you


  • @okka thanks for the warning. The tins that are aroma less are the slip fit tins?
  • ALLexALLex Member
    edited February 23 PM
    @Okka maybe it was just a mistake. Was it your first order from them ? 
    I bet there are snuffers that get their orders just right from that site. is not a new website.

    It seems so unreal that they are intentionally selling old snuff to scam people. 

     Just because one order was foul, doesnt mean that they are scammers. 
    And u calling them scammers here may result in a negative impact for their business. You are maybe feeling scammed but most probably it was just a mistake.

    I have had foul orders and foul smelling snuffs from all the vendors but i did not choose to start calling them scammers. This is a heavy word. And at the end of the day it was simple just a mistake.

    I see some reactions on reddit and pisses me off that people are accusing companies for being scammers so easy just because they dont fit to their expectations.

    For example a wave of redditors calling MrSnuff is scam or just the worst and Toque is the best just because an order is stuck in customs or because an order is late or simple because of their prices. This is so false.. and i am guessing that most of these reactions are coming from snuff noobies. 

    All orders are slowed down due to the pandemic and/ or the Brexit. 
    All websites provide reasonable custom services. I have delayed and stuck orders from both companies and we solve the problem via email communication. 
    I know my english arent good but I bet those redditors who are accusing companies, dont know how to right a normal email. I bet they are sending them confusing and raging emails. 

    You know there are working people behind those websites so if you are complaining here and there about how they never reply to your emails, you are just making an employers day worse. 
    Sometimes and its pretty normal for office jobs, employers are so busy with whatever and dont have the time to reply properly to emails, and they just leave them unanswered for another day.

    Each snuff company adds value to the snuff community. I enjoy ordering from many sites. 
    No one of the known snuff sites is a scammer. 

    P.S. I had no problems ordering fresh snuff via a couple of years ago.

  • MisterPaulMisterPaul Member
    edited February 23 PM
    AKA Don't mess with @ALLex !!!  :)) =))

    Being fair they do make some good points, some snuff just doesn't store well (GH tapbox anyone? :D), and until the passed few years I don't recall many manufacturers or suppliers putting dates on snuff anyways? A bum tin is annoying and I would expect some response from the supplier. I have ordered from 'back in the day' but I tend to order from the big three or directly from the manufacturers these days.... 
  • @MisterPaul lol  :)) =)) =)) =))
  • I have ordered from before and they are a legitimate business. Getting old tins does unfortunately happen it has happened to me a few times from different suppliers. I hope they respond to your complaint soon and replace them. When it comes to Sharrow Mill snuffs I order directly from them but I know that's a luxury many don't have as they don't ship outside of the UK.
  • mrmanosmrmanos Member
    To be fair, my experience with those guys has always been good. I’ve never gotten old or out of date snuff, but I know it happens. These days I really only buy from toque because I was one of the early customers back when he was making snuff at Tiptoe Farms in Berwick on Tweed on the Scottish/English border. I also buy from mr snuff, but only when I want Indian snuff.
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