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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

For Sale or Trade: English and German Snuffs

I recently returned to snuff though I've been a lurker here from time to time since 2014 or so. To reacquaint myself I placed two orders with Toque last year and have some snuffs that are surplus to requirements. 

I don't see a way to determine reasonable asking prices for snuff and accordingly will consider all offers.  As for trades, I'm interest in Sir Johnny Scott's snuffs, particularly the toasts, Mull of Oa and Pontefract Priory.  I had the good fortune to try Mull of Oa and Pontefract Priory when my wife bought them at the The Pipe Shop in Edinburgh a couple of years ago.  I should add that I'm primarily interest in English snuffs.

One request I won't be able to accommodate is the sale or trade of one or two tins at a time.  My hope is to have no more than two or three sales or trades.  Also I'm located in southern central Pennsylvania and will not be able to ship outside the United States.

Finally there is the issue of credibility given the recent creation of my account and lack of posts.  On this point I'm willing to take any reasonable steps to confirm my bona fides.

Ordered from Toque on November 14, 2021 

Toque plastic snuff bullet (unused)

Bernard Kownoer x 4
Poschl Gletscher Prise x 14
Rosinski Alter Fritz x 2 Dated June 2021
Rosinski Berline Luft Dated August 2021
Rosinski Goldapper Dated May 2021
Rosinski Klippenritt Dated May 2021
Rosinski Oshsenkopf Dated October 2021
Rosinski Sans Souci Dated July 2021
*All snuffs from Rosinski are in 10-gram sachets

Bernard 285 Jahre Jubilaums*
Bernard Kownoer*
Bernard Winterpris**
Poschl Gletscher Prise x 2* 
Rosinski Alter Fritz***
Rosinski Kathnertabk***
Rosinski Poltergeist***
*Enough left to determine if it's worth adding to the next order
**Nearly full
***Better than 50% of the snuff remains.  Decanted from maker's 10-gram sachet into one of the empty 25-gram tins sold by Toque

Ordered from Toque on December 27, 2021

F&T Princes Special 20 grams
WoS Apri 10 grams

F&T Bordeaux 20-gram tin
F&T Old Paris 20-gram tin
SG Afterglow 25-gram tin
SG Dr Verey's Plus 25-gram tin
SG Keswick 25-gram tin
SG Mastiff 25-gram tin
WoS Matador 10-gram tin***
*50% or more of the snuff remains in each tin
**Decanted into one of the empty 10-gram tins sold by Toque

All of the above snuffs have been stored in Tupperware containers.


  • chad13chad13 Member
    What would be a fair price for all the unopened iuo? Include shipping, I live in NC. Post or send me a private message thx
  • Any takers on all of the unopened snuffs at $60, including shipping via Priority Mail?
  • Now that's more than fair offering!

    If you want to speed it up, you can also use Nasal Snuff Trader group on Fb.
  • highdrytoasthighdrytoast Member
    edited March 17 PM
    @volunge Thanks for the tip.  I had to create an account and am waiting for approval.  Just to be clear, is the name of the group NS Trader or Taker?  NST was the only one that I found
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited March 17 PM
    @highdrytoast, sorry, Snuff Trader is the name. It's public group.

    Nasal Snuff Takers is a private group, it doesn't allow trading snuff.
  • GONE  Actually I'm going to revise the post and lower the price.
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