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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Maker's Own Descriptions of Their Snuffs

highdrytoasthighdrytoast Member
edited March 24 in General
In doing my 'research' for orders I've noticed that the descriptions from a given shop's website can differ significantly from the description on the maker's website.  Also, I've found that searching the makers' websites can be cumbersome and time-consuming.  My hope is that such lists will save members time by providing a single page for each maker's snuffs that can be skimmed quickly or searched with "Control-F'.  I had planned to post the descriptions directly here but was unaware that there is a character limit for each post.  For instance the descriptions of the snuffs from WoS was something like 27,000 characters too long.  My proposed solution is to put a link in this post to a pdf file stored on for each maker.  Suggestions for a better solution are welcomed.

For WoS's own snuffs and those they make under contract and provide such information, the second line of each description sets forth WoS's statement of  the levels of nicotine, moisture and menthol in the following format:  5/4/2.


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