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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Top 5 English Mentholated Snuffs

I'd appreciate hearing your top five English mentholated snuffs.

I returned to snuff last year when I discovered some McChrystal's O&G and Olde English at Boswell's Pipe Shop* when I went to retrieve a pipe that I had cleaned.  The O&G was 'ok' but I was surprised how quickly I went through the Olde English.  I then ordered a bunch of German snuffs from Toque but wasn't especially taken by any of them.  For my next order, I'd like some guidance on what to order along with Olde English.  

*For those who live in Pennsylvania, the shop I visited was the one in Chambersburg, though I understand both of Boswell's shops carry snuff.  From speaking with Archie who was manning the shop when I went, both shops carry snuff but only from McChrystals.  When I went to Boswell's they only had the O&G and Olde English in the 8.75g tins but was told that they normally have more scents.  Both snuffs were fresh.  Archie said that snuffs smell relatively briskly largely because a few people buy numerous tins at a time.  a For what it's worth the cost of each tin was $3.99.   I suppose I should add that Boswell's will not ship snuff.


  • You are lucky to have local access to some fresh snuff!

    Generally I prefer German (Poschl) mentholated snuffs, but there is one English menthol I can wholeheartedly recommend - McChrystal's JIP!

  • English Mentholated (my dear old chap!) - I'd concur with @volunge on McChrystal's JIP! - That's a banger  =D> 

    I have been hammering the WoS SM recently as a cheaper alternative to Mullins & Westley's Keen Scented, that's very good. I'd also give the Hedges L260 a spin, very nice :-) 
  • @mrpaul Is it your opinion that the Keen Scented no more than SM in a tin with a different label?
  • @highdrytoast - It has frequently been touted that it is exactly the same snuff in a different tin. To my palate they are very close (if not the same), but WoS SM is significantly cheaper. 

    I have a sentimental attachment to Mullins & Westley's as physical snuff shops are a rare thing and I always pop by when I'm in Covent Garden (not that frequently these days sadly) and buy something from them to support them - It's 'use them or loose them with specialist/niche retailers these days isn't it) 

    But having said that, I do give the menthols a hammering almost every day so I may stick with WoS SM purely for reasons of economy for a time and intersperse that with the occasional Keen Scented 
  • I've only recently been exploring menthols as it's only in the last 6 months that my nose has been able to comfortably take them. I bought a Gawith Hoggarth CM today from the Turmeaus shop in Mayfair which I'm so far very impressed with. Keen Scented/SM have been regulars for me and recently I have added JIP!, O&G and Hedges to my collection. Last year I bought SG Golden Glow but that has been a real struggle; the combination of scents doesn't sit well at all in my nose.

  • mrmanosmrmanos Member
    Mc Crystals O&G, because that’s the only brand my local store sells in the snuff wasteland of Colorado. Then Jaxsons 1869, any Wilson’s menthol, they have so many I can’t remember them all. Then for light African snuff I prefer NTSU green. Oh, I forgot to mention all the 6photo 66s, my favorite Indian menthols.
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