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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Two Questions on McChrystal's Snuffs

Do they have a single grind for all of their snuffs?  I've tried O&G, Olde English and Vintage Velvet.  I only have Vintage Velvet at the moment but to the best of my recollection both O&G and Olde English were of the same grind.

Which of their snuffs have the most nicotine?


  • :@Highdrytoast - Yes, I haven't tried them all but the ones that I have all share the same base flour and grind, I don't think that any of them vary much in the vitamin N department either.

  • volungevolunge Member
    edited April 6 PM
    Some figures from Health Canada analysis:

    Despite slight difference in nicotine, I can second Mr Paul's expertise. I'm pretty sure it's still the same tobacco base, and variation may be down to natural factors, first and foremost due to different age of the batches. Tobbaco is an organic matter and there's inevitable variation in its constituents content even in different parts of the same plant. While total nicotine is nothing to write home about (strength could be rated as "medium" - close to 1% total nicotine), most part of it is free based in all tested samples - similar alkalinity (pH about 9.5) ensures high nicotine delivery capability.

    Other McChrystal's snuffs look and feel (in terms of tobacco base) similar to the analyzed ones.

    There's only one exception in the range - Aztec. I couldn't find data on its nicotine content, but according to Dr. Goot's (Snus At Home) findings, it has rather low pH of 8, which determines low-to-medium nicotine delivery capability. Also, the base of this particular snuff looks different - it is darker and coarser.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited April 6 PM
    Also, noteworthy: anecdotally, O&G and Highland Ice are very similar, if not entirely the same. For what it's worth, both are notified in the same row on the UK notified tobacco products list. Here's a snapshot from 2017 list:

    The latest list (2020) is accessible here:
  • I don't have all the science behind it. But from my perspective McCrystals Sturco is strong. Now by strong I mean it has a strong burn effect to it.

    The nicotine seems well above average to me. I don't know what the actual aroma they went for with Sturco but it smells leathery and smokey mixed with some wood and moderately oiled.

    I don't use it often, but when I do I always want a little more. I recommend using the pinch method for this one. The thought of a boxcar with this one seems troublesome to me.

  • Interesting data. I still like O and G. I don’t pay much attention to nicotine level, I might use more of it due to the low level. It still goes to my brain!
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