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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

For Trade or Sale: Artisan, Dr Rumney's, Samuel Gawith Snuffs & Pipe Tobacco

highdrytoasthighdrytoast Member
edited April 7 in The Snuffhouse Bazaar
All have been stored in a sealed plastic container in a refrigerator

Artisan.  Delivered this past Sunday and have had only a few pinches taken from them
Beltane.  Better than 50%
Afterglow, Dr Rumney's Brown, Elmo's Reserve:  Approx. 20%

Purchased last September from Boswell's in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.  The two loose tobaccos have been stored in a mason jars but will be sent in ziploc bags.  

4TH Generation Small Batch Kentucky Rope Cut 1.75 ounces.  Unopened
Boswell's Railroad Station.  Two ounces less three of four bowls
Boswell's virginia and perique coin a la Escudo.  I've forgotten the name and don't see them on Boswell's website.  Two ounces less three or four bowls.  


1.  Toque's Rose, Lavender or Violet
2.  Toque's USA Whiskey & Honey, Lime Toast or Toast & Marmalade
3.  McChrystal's Sicilian Burst or Glacier
4.  Other English florals or toasts or any of the snuffs from Sir Walter Scott.  With regard to snuffs from SWS, I do ask that they have been properly stored because in my experience they are more susceptible to drying out.
5.  Wilsons' Kendal Brown
6.  Plugs or ropes from either Gawith

I would like to do a single trade for both the snuffs and pipe tobaccos.  Failing that my preference would be one trade for the snuffs and a second trade for the pipe tobaccos but I'll consider all offers.  Given the possible permutations I'll ask that you make offers if you prefer to buy rather than trade.

I'm located in southern Central Pennsylvania, and will only ship to the continental U.S. 
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  • highdrytoasthighdrytoast Member
    edited April 12 PM
    Throwing in a can of Princes with a bit under 50% left.

    Any takers at $30 for everything?
  • I'm gonna dm ya, interested in the snuff. 
  • Sale is pending for the snuffs in the prior posts.

    Any takers at $18 for the pipe tobaccos?  I'll throw in a tin of 20 Macanudo Inspirado Minis sealed in cellophane and kept in a tupperware container with a Boveda humidity pouch since I received them this January.

    I've come to the conclusion that the snuffs that I like best are toasts.  Of the three toasts that I've had so far, i.e., TNT, HDT and Irish No. 22, I most enjoy the scent of Irish No. 22.  Unfortunately it clogs my nose after only a couple of pinches as, to a lesser extent, does HDT.  On top of that I've finished my tin of TNT and am in the midst trying to move away from snus entirely and would like to be able to take pinches a little more often.

    I have 250-gram tubs of both Wilson's Africa and Irish No. 22, from which no more than 50 grams of each have been decanted.  I also have an unopened 200-gram bag of F&T's Santo Domingo.  All three were delivered in the last month and have been stored in the refrigerator.

    I'm open to all reasonable offers to buy.  With regard to trades, I'm looking for, in order of preference, USA Whiskey & Honey, TNT, Lime Toast and Toast & Marmalade. 

  • Santo Domingo and Irish No. 22 are sold.
  • Tubs have been sold.
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