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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Poschl Product(s)

What are your favorite products from Poschl?

Why do you like what you like?

What do you not like?

What are some negatives or positives?

Do you have a specific all day snuff that you just can't put down?

How might Poschl relate to other brands?

Do you like schmalzlers or mentholated/medicated snuffs? What do you like about each?

I currently have 10 different Poschl Products. With more on the way. The order I'm waiting on is "Red Bull" and "Schmalzler Brazil A." I'm excited to try these. I've heard good things about both. I mostly enjoy mentholated/eucalyptus/medicated types.

My go to is Gletscher Prise and Gletscher Prise Gold. I'm hoping that Red Bull makes its way into my all day line up.

Somewhere in the middle is Ozona President.

If I need an energy boost I have some Pacard's Club. I like the dispenser on the Pacard's box. It's good if you know how to use it properly lol..

For a treat I have some Alpina, Radford or JBR Red.

Poschl is the Brand I like best and I love what they produce. Top notch (in my opinion).

Thanks community,



  • ALLexALLex Member
    I have only tried Red Bull and Schmalzler D  from Poschl and i loved them both. 

    Red Bull is strong mentholated and the combination of menthol camphor and eucalyptus is spot on and reminds me kind of mcCrystals O&G but with more eucalyptus. It has decent strong nicotine too. 

    Schmalzler D is smooth with a profound chocolate-coffee-banana type of smell very sweet and long lasting. 

    Its been a long time since i have a Poschl snuff, i ve missed the sweet Scmalzler D and i will buy Red Bull at the first opportunity, its a classic proper medicated snuff for me.
  • Thanks for your input @ALLex

    I can't wait to get my Red Bull. I have very high hopes for it. I've never had McCrystals O&G so I have no reference there. But that's Ok. I have a strong feeling Red Bull is gonna be great.

    I'm glad that the nicotine is on the higher end of the scale. That's something I was unsure of with the Red Bull.

    I have had Poschl's Schmalzler SF Sudfrucht. It was very good and I'd recommend it for sure. The scent lasts a long time and is very pleasant, I'd say low to medium nicotine.
  • I received my order of Poschl's "Red Bull" and "Schmalzler A" yesterday. I'm really really enjoying A. It is a nice break from all my mentholated snuffs. I'll be getting some more schmalzlers soon.

    The Red Bull is very mentholated I only need a tiny bit or it's a waterfall out of my nose. I'm going to experiment with it though. I might make a mixture of Schmalzler and Red Bull. I don't know..I like it but I think it will have to be used sparingly.

    If I over do it on heavy menthol my sinuses act up a lot. I get stuffed up and a runny nose at the same time, very frustrating. I find that Ozona President, Radford and Alpina are easy to take even though they are mentholated.

    My next order is going to be 1 of each Poschl Schmalzler varieties (100 gram) packets. And I might pick up a few more President.

    Thought I'd share,


  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    Glad you like the poschls. One of my favorites is lowenprise from poschl..sweet licorice (I think) and mellow menthol. Red Bull is also very good...or was, before my tolerance to menthols lowered (I used to love menthols, but then I stopped using them), causing it to become far too strong for me. I've yet to try the poschl schmalzlers to give us a quick little review?

  • volungevolunge Member
    edited April 18 PM
    Yet to try JBR range, Ozona S, Ozona A, Johnny/FC Bayern/Karibik, Jubilaums, Mix Snuff, Gluck Auf, both Mac Craigs and the four Swiss sport clubs snuffs.


    Neffa Bledi - the only currently produced plain Poschl snuff, made from a very nice, biscuity rustica.
    Gletscherprise Gold - the least camphorated Poschl euc-free light menthol with a beautiful, bready Virginia base.
    Gawith Original - ticks all the boxes for me, and a pretty rare case when I enjoy loads of camphor.
    Red Bull in 7 g tap box - most satisfying nicotine among all their menthol (probably based on the same rustica Poschl use for their Neffa Bledi).
    Gletscherprise - just a perfectly balanced menthol/camphor/euc with a whiff of Siberian fir, very moreish little snuff.
    Konigsprise - surprisingly good for a ridiculously cheap snuff (10 g sachet costs abour 1 Euro); rich, a tad darker than usually tobacco base, medicated, with a very pleasant juniper-like top note.

    @Rogue, Poschl schmalzler A and Perlesreuter are a must to try, but you'll have to pop some snus beforehand (they don't deliver much nicotine, putting it softly). Schmalzler D and SF contain artificial flavours, true nicotine-free nose candies they are. There's also a nice snuff and schmalzler hybrid - Bayern-Prise (Brasil mit SNUFF), very lightly mentholated dark, sweet snuff with a typically oily texture of schmalzler (about 16.5% mineral oil).
  • @Rogue I find that Schmalzler A has a respectful nicotine hit to it. The initial aroma I get is sweet like honey and brown sugar. There is something stronger underneath that is difficult to describe. Id say maybe dried dates or something. Not sure..

    I've only tried A and SF. And SF was about a year ago so it's difficult to remember. I do recall it had a "cake like" aroma. At the time I was unimpressed. Probably because I had only had mentholated/medicated/camphorated (lol camphorated new term)? types so I was very biased. I think now I would probably enjoy it a whole lot.

    @volunge Thanks for your input. I like how you broke it all down, nice!

    I've tried red from the JBR range and it is very good. Cherry and some peppermint, menthol or eucalyptus or both. I'd put nicotine at mid-range. It's got a lot of flavor and is easy to take. It doesn't burn it just tingles and is really quite the experience. I like it a lot and definitely recommend it. This reminds me that I want to try blue and green JBR.
  • The biggest problem with Pöschl-snuffs is -like Paul Shallbetter always says - the "MENSOLL" . The menthol can be delicious like in Gletscherprise or Ozona President, but  it can also blow your head off like in JBR yellow or Gawith  Original (Gunther, Dieter,  help  me!).
    My favourites snuffs from Pöschl are Gletscherprise, Löwenprise, JBR Black and Ozona President in no special order.
    My favourite Pöschl-Schmalzlers are A and D. The SF ist too sweet for me, Perlesreuther has a great aroma but too little nicotin, although a low nicotine level is a problem I got with all Pöschl nasal tobaccos.
  • Thank you @OldChild for your post. I can see where you're coming from about poschl's mentholated products. For me that's a signature of their products though.

    They do menthol right with varying degrees for different products. Gletcherprise has Columbia oil which is easy on the nose and refreshing. I think President has menthol, and eucalyptus which is a really nice touch.

    I've only had their schmalzler A and SF. I love both. I'm putting in an order soon for their schmalzler D and Perlereuter. Very excited to try those two.

    Have have you tried Radford Premium in the 10 gram tap box?

    It has a strong nicotine hit that I notice right away creating a nice rush that follows. Then a rich complex aroma with the menthol tonned down. Definitely one of my favorites and I recommend it.

    I have tried other snuff brands. But for me nothing is better than what poschl has to offer.

  • You are absolutely right. How could I forget the Radford...
    It is delicious,  reminds of a mixture of chocolate and indian chai latte (if that makes sense).
    The nicotine level might be higher than in the other Pöschls, but - with my tolerance - I wouldn't call it strong.
    Anyway, it surely deserves a place in my list of favourites - don't know why I forgot it.

    Another interesting thing about the Radford is that Pöschl seems to sell this in round metal-tins in some countries. I think Paul Shallbetter introduced it in one of his videos.
    Or is this a different snuff?
  • I've never had an Indian Chai latte but I can imagine. Fair enough about your tolerance, I get it.

    Yes I have tried the Radford that comes in the metal tin. It isn't the same as Radford Premium in the tap box. I really don't like the one from the tin. It's got an ammonia smell to it which I really don't enjoy at all.

  • Thanks for the info.
    Pöschl doesn't sell this tins in Germany, at least I never saw them anywhere.
    Bad luck - I like ammonia...

  • I have had to back off of some of their products. They just stop me up because I use them so often.
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