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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

A list of EU-based snuff/snus online stores shipping w i t h i n the EU

This thread is dedicated to the EU fellas who for some reason are not willing to or cannot procure smokeless tobacco products from the third countries (i. e. from the stores based in non-EU countries).


Besides the widely known and well-reputed Rosinski online store, there are two more Germany-based stores which ship nasal snuff to other EU countries (both charge a small fortune for shipping, though):

South African Goodies - NTSU Black and Taxi Green; if it's is out of stock, check it again after a while.
Gerd Jansen's Pfeifedepot & Werkstatt - some Poschl and Bernard products, chewing tobacco and Stoker's dip (yes, it's possible to procure dip in the EU!)

Snus / chewing bags:

Snus Kompagniet - perhaps most praised EU-serving snus store.
Nordic Lip - log in to access snus menu; if this step doesn't make snus visible, contact the shop and they'll fix it for you.
Snus Express - EU store carries only chewing bags, but offers economy shipping.

Please list other EU-based online snuff/snus stores, if you happen to know any.


  • ALLexALLex Member
    just found this:

    they deliver NTSU & Taxi to some European countries 
  • ALLexALLex Member
    Only McCrystals O&G here:
    but ships to European countries
  • BeerandSnuffBeerandSnuff Member
    edited May 5 PM
    Just had my order from I' must say, really good. Delivery prices are a bit high but if you order in quantity it is worth it. I still paid less than I would here and they have some snus that you cannot get hold of else where, two thumbs up from me.
  • ALLexALLex Member
    edited May 6 PM
    I made an order of some Poschls from Pfeifedepot on Sunday, I did the payment through bank transfer on Monday, but i havent got any reply or any update email about the order. It is Friday now and I have sent them two emails through the week but still no reply...

    It seems like a traditional tobacco shop, i know it is a legit shop. Maybe it is a small family business and they dont have an employee to work only for the website orders. I hope this is the case. 
  • ALLexALLex Member
    Update on my order from Pfeifedepot !
    It arrived today 8 business days after ordering! They didnt send me an email that they got my order and they never replied to my emails, they just did their job perfect and send me my order! Niceeee i like it.

  • volungevolunge Member
    @ALLex, great to know, thanks for the update! I've suspected it might be the case.

  • ALLexALLex Member
    @volunge me too I knew it this is a legit tobacco shop and I personally like that style with the cheap website and no email support, they just do their jobs right, they got an order and they send it, and 8 days later the package is at your door. They seem traditional tobacco shop family business who focuses on their shop and services. 

    I much prefer this style to the long awaitenings for mrsnuff or toque orders, I dont really care for their good customer support (the fact that they reply emails instantly) if i am gonna wait for months to get an order and then on top of that have to pay vat taxes for it.  

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