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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Changes in my body's reaction to snuff.

It has been a few years since I have posted here so bear with me please.  I have been using snuff off and on for the past 10 years and truly enjoy all of the variety and flavors  that are out there.  I have always enjoyed Bernard's Schmalzers the best, my absolute favorite being Amostrina.  Here are a few things I have noticed recently:

1. Over the past year or so, when I use snuff, especially Amostrina or other Schmalzers, I don't feel good after.  I get dizzy, slightly nauseous, sweaty, etc.  Typical overindulgence nicotine reactions.  This seems to only happen with certain snuffs.  I can smoke a whole cigar and feel fine?

2. Over the past six months, I have noticed that I am getting incredibly congested if I use snuff all day.  At night, my nasal passages will be completely clogged where I cannot breathe through my nose.  This, more than anything has caused me to stay away from snuff for days at a time.  I really love some mentholated snuffs, but these are the worst culprits.

I'm curious if others have experienced similar experiences?  Have I gotten sensitive to nicotine from snuff and if so, can anyone recommend some lower nicotine Schmalzers or Snuffs that may not give me these awful feelings?  Thanks!


  • ALLexALLex Member
    edited April 21 PM
    I can relate on the point that i think i have gotten sensitive to nicotine too (from snuff use maybe).

    ~The other day i smoked a rollie in the afternoon after only snuffing in the morning and the nicotine from the rollie made me felt like i was drugged lol~ :))  
    4 years ago that i didnt use snuff i could chain smoke rollies all day and never felt buzzed. 

    I dont prefer to use snuff all day long anymore and these days i mostly use Poschl Schmalzlers (A and D) because they are low in nicotine but for me this is ideal ! (or Toque Violet, McCrystals O&G, Fubar Snafu Medicated)

    These days high nicotine snuffs make me feel tired and dont really enjoy the buzz that much anymore.

    Some of my homemade natural snuffs are strong but i use them sparingly maybe one pinch per 3 days if i am in the mood.
    l still love Black Rappee snuffs and Ntsu, Madras, Tque Quit and strong bold natural tobacco snuffs but for example when i have a dayoff from work and i take the Rappee or Ntsu out thinking i will spend the day with them but i end up using only one or two pinches. 

    This year i use snuff mostly on daytime and isnt something i reach that much anymore. 
    Anyway i am happy with that cause i think snuffing all day everyday strong snuffs is pretty bad for the heart.
    Too much nicotine isnt good either for the heart or the brain i think...
    Balance is everything. 

    But credits to snuff because thanks to snuff i ve manage to stop smoking a pack a day and now i am at the level that i smoke 4 rollies maximum per day and maybe 2-5 pinches of low nic snuff.  But i dont use snuff everyday now, like i used to. (There were times when i was snuffing a lot that i didnt smoke at all)

    Of course there are still moments when i can enjoy snuff (and high nicotine snuffs) a lot like when i drink beers with buddies or on vacation or on a nature walk, but i cant snuff alone all day long anymore. I am happy with that cause i got very addicted to snuff some years ago and in my opinion stuffing your nose with powder isnt the prettiest addiction. 

    But i still think snuff is the best form of tobacco and I am thankful that I have a collection of big jars with my favorite snuffs in bulk.

  • Hello, I am not at expert, but... for me, it sounds like your nose needs to rest some time. I have read somewhere (or perhaps it was a YouTube video) that you can get a stuffy nose from old snuff that has not made its way out of your body. Just my 2 cents!
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