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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Quitting snuff - lots of US scotches and some UK snuffs available

towhee89towhee89 Member
edited April 28 in The Snuffhouse Bazaar
Hi all, 
I had posted a for sale a while back and don't know how to remove or edit it to update the list. Been a super crazy past few months with a lot of personal issues going on so apologies to any that were interested.

Anyway, snuff just makes me too irritated because of the high nicotine content and delivery and I find it hard to practice moderation. I'm sticking to snus/dip/chew from now on out. I'd love to keep these for the packaging but funds are tight. I also have nice little collection of vintage US Scotches w/contents as well as some UK snuffs available too. 

Here's some photos of what I have, the unused Maccoboy is gone and the newer Honey Bee, but the rest are up for grabs. Most all are nearly full, but I will show photos if anyone's interested in particulars before we make the deal and talk prices. Not trying to profit, just recoup my going crazy and buying all these. I did have to order some online, so the Red Seal and Bruton will be more than the ones I got locally. PayPal accepted (goods and services w/buyer and seller protection) and shipping depends on your location (I am in the USA) I'm not sure how customs is with tobacco overseas, but am always willing to discuss. 


  • DeezDeez Member
    Are they all open?
  • towhee89towhee89 Member
    @Deez yes
  • towhee89towhee89 Member
    edited May 27 PM
    I decided to just keep my stash of Maccoboys as I dip them, but here is what I have left. Someone is interested in some of them and will update what's left afterwards.

    Honey Bee nearly full $10 (Flav-o-Gard can)
    Railroad mills sweet over halfway $8
    Peach sweet nearly full $12
    Peach sweet tin under half: $6
    Buttercup near full $15 (I paid $22 on mrsnuff, will just take a loss lol)
    Lorillard sweet nearly full $11
    Red seal nearly full $15
    Bruton 3/4  $28
    Tops thrift can nearly full $25
    Lorillard sweet thrift 4.65oz nearly full $25
    Society 3/4 $11
    Square 1/2 $6
    Superior 1/2 $6
    Navy sweet 3/4 $10
    Garrett & Sons nearly full $11
    Garrett sweet $11
    Dental plastic and tin nearly full $12
    Tube rose 1/2 $6
    Dental sweet less than half $5

  • towhee89towhee89 Member
    These are sold:
    Railroad Mills
    Honey Bee
    Lorillard sweet scotch
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