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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Hey! It’s been awhile!!

I’ve taken a break from all social media for years- but wanted to plop in here and give a shout out to all my fellow sniffers! I still carry both of my Pat Collins boxes and plenty of snuffs!
Right now I’m doing some Grand Cairo and some Whiskey and Honey.

Has anyone seen the De Kranlinges Gingerbread at all lately? Is that still being made?
How about the Cherry Cerise or Abraxas?
Anyways, cheers! I’ll be more present from now on. You all are the only snuff takers I’ve ever chatted with :)


  • chrischris Member
    Welcome back.

    Unfortunately both Abraxas and Kralingse are no longer in production. I seem to recall that Abraxas stopped due to changes in tobacco laws and Kralingse because the ownership of the mills changing. I'm sure someone here can provide further details and/or correct me if my memory is at fault. It's been some time since they stopped.
  • @ chris: you are well informed. for de Kralingse it was both changing the Dutch tobacco law according to te EU regulations and the citycouncil of Rotterdam sold the ownership of the mills.. And I stopped as a snuffmiller in 2016.

  • Fortunately I still have a small amount of the DK snuff from Holland. I’m sad that the political situation in the Netherlands forced them to stop making snuff. In my teens, I learned how to roll Drum and Samson shag tobacco from two Dutch girls I met in France. That’s another story I won’t get into now. But I guess the anti tobacco people are the majority now in Europe.
  • ALLexALLex Member
    edited 7:54AM PM
    @mrmanos  The majority of people in Europe still smokes a lot rolling shag tobacco like Drum and Samson but lately these years there is an explosion of new-age cigarette alternative products like iqos or vapes. There are still a lot of smokers though, seeing someone rolling shag tobacco in Europe is the norm here, but it seems there is a 'war' from big companies on traditional tobacco products taking over. Lately you can see so many vapes and iqos products popping up. So many people went from rolling tobacco or cigs to iqos or vapes because of the healthier claims. But also so many of them returned to cigarettes after a year or two trying the change with iqos because they found they have more problems with that alternative products, from what i see. And many people start from tobacco to only iqos or only vape and they end up having an iqos and a vape and a pack of cigs and doing them all rotating them, making a hole in the water. I imagine in some years they do some more researches and they will find more problems with those tobacco alternative products not being that safe or good as they claim now (compared to traditional tobacco).

    But generally there are still smokers in the majority of Europe. So many times an iqos smoker when they see my rolling tobacco asks me for one rollie and tells me how they miss it with iqos and all that. 
    From what i see  here in Europe the majority of people smoke tobacco and a minority of people will smoke something like weed vs in US the majority of people (or youth) smokes weed and are very anti-tobacco.

    Personally I love traditional tobacco products like rolling shag tobacco, nasal snuff, cigars etc. I would rather smoke a rollie than hit a vape.

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