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Snuffing on a date

stitchstitch Member
edited September 2008 in General
Quite a few have commented on how the snuff habit is regarded by their significant other. I have been going on a few of first dates lately, and I some of the reactions I get to snuff are making me wonder if I shouldn't wait until a second or third date, or maybe after a month or so. So you could say snuff is a lot like sex. Bring it up too soon, and you probably will get rejected. To make it more complicated, I prefer women who don't smoke cigs. I hate that smell clinging to their hair and breath. And if I spend any time in their house, I smell like it too. Problem is that non-smokers are even less tolerant of any kind of tobacco use. What's a fellow to do? I hate secrets!


  • Maybe just try leaving your snuff box out or in your cup holder. That way you can be honest about, but kind of non direct and don't have to perform a sniff in front of her. That's what I did. I just left my snuff on my bathroom counter one day and my wife asked what it was, I told her and she said she didn't really like the thought of it, but didn't really care as long as I didn't do it before a date or before I kissed her (she doesn't care for the tobacco smell, specifically the w.e. garrett). Maybe if you don't make a big deal about it a date won't either.
  • I guess it depends on the demographics of where you live. Because the women around here are used to the guys using oral tobacco as its widely used around here & so they are pretty open to tobacco use even if they are not using. But there in Arizona where you are, its probably not as prevalent?

    Come on now stitch, just get them drunk first then it won't matter!! LOL, they will probably take a pinch themselves.
  • I told you it was like sex.
  • stitchstitch Member
    edited September 2008 PM
    But seriously, the demographics are likely to be the problem. Merdock69 has a good approach. Thanks for that.
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • I say just be honest who wants to date someone who doesn't tolerate or judges you for one of your favorite hobbies. Just because they are more tolerant of something once they know you better doesn't mean their opinion of it is any higher, which means you may be opening a whole can of worms up for latter I say it best to get things out of the way as quickly as possible. Of course that is just the way I feel though its paid off very well for me.
  • @ IDGod- thanks for making me LMAO!
    As far as dating goes I'd say avoid snuffing if you're a newbie and your skills aren't honed and your nose isn't conditioned. What I mean is don't be caught being a brown noser. Going about with brown stuff on your face isn't cool. Worse yet would be using a snuff that caused your nose to run. Would you want to be with a date that had brown goo dripping from their nose? Or kept needing to blow their nose? And for God's sake don't blow your nose into white tissues and leave it on top in the garbage can. I did that once in the bathroom garbage and my wife thought someone was wiping themself and throwing it in the garbage instead of the toilet. I had to admit it looked wrong, just wrong and nasty. So if you're gonna snuff on a first date use extreme caution.
  • haha! onefortheroad!
    I was considering this very question myself. Several girls[womyn] I've met have been receptive to portion snus, I even let a cute nurse at the cardiologist's office try a General mini the other day. I've recently got lös snus in my lip and snuff in my nose, I'm single but have considered the potential awkwardness. Snus or pouch tobacco is a good option to consider, unless you're just a die-hard snuff guy. I've been working with my new boss and his company for 2 months and at every meeting, every workday or every time I've talked to him or other regional bosses, I have used portion snus. I've even gotten up while he was mid-sentence, spat a portion into the trash, opened my can and inserted another one with nobody saying anything or making weird faces. Granted bosses are not potential wives or girlfriends[hopefully] but I have found that people don't respond to snus around here any different than somebody opening an altiods tin or pack of gum, in fact I've run into people that have thought that's what I had, not Röda Lacket white portion, which would be a good first snus for a lady, or on a date, as it tastes of strawberry jam on toast and lasts, I don't work for Swedish Match lol.
  • As I have a stable relationship, I don't neeed to have any date but, in the other hands, my girlfriend (and girls in general) still preferring the menthol aroma of snuff rather then the smoke of cigarettes even Sniffing can appear odd to them.
  • I'm married, so I can't comment on snuffing on dates. I can say my wife preferrs snuffing to chewing tobacco. Only occasionally would she kiss me with a big wad of redman in, but she doesn't mind the snuff. She just looks at me funny when I spend hours on end on the forum, snuffing just about every tin in my collection.
  • I hear you leman...
  • I never hid it on dates. Think about it...if you have a girl you're just "dating" and she already wants to take away your pleasure- why would you want to date her anyways? Think about what kind of nagging wife she'd be!
  • @ALLex my date from middle school days got me into snuffing.. we known each other like for a week and one day she bought me a Red Bull. Theres nothing strange in snuffing, really. Just be yourself and find some one who appreciate it.
  • HugoDraxHugoDrax Member
    edited March 2020 PM
    Forgive me, it has been yonks since I
  • This forum software is atrocious.
  • @Johano you re talking about middle school dude. dont confuse the 'be yourself' with sniffing brown powder on a first date in front of an adult woman. Also there is a fine line between 'be yourself' and bringing up all your addictions on a first date. Its not necessary. Its about timing and on a date its bad timing. 
    Its not that common as a cigarette.

  • Also I dont like snuffing on a date, its out of context for me.
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