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stitchstitch Member
edited August 2012 in Other Forms of Tobacco
After a music jam with by bud jimmer, we decided, since it was Saturday to get out my old hookha pipe and fire up some Nahkla citron flavored tobacco. I used to do a pipe every day, but it was getting to my lungs and so I cut it back to once a month or so. My nicotine levels got so high I was a little stumbly. Took a nap and didn't snuff again until about six hours later. I thought about snuffing, but never got around to it. Interesting.


  • Hope your OK, your not saying much!
  • Cant beat a hookha. I went to Turkey a couple of years ago and the choice of tobaccos was unreal.
  • Sound like that thing really hits hard!
    You get nausea?
  • No nausea, just a huge buzz. I'm glad I cut back on this habit, to only now and then. I enjoyed it thoroughly and my lungs aren't much affected by the occasional hubble bubble session. I'd love to go to Turkey some day!
  • Do people inhale hookah smoke?
  • Most do.
  • Its a strange thing, because you have to apply so much suction to draw the smoke you more breathe it in than puff on it like an ordinary pipe.
  • Most people put too much water in the vase, and this makes drawing hard. I only cover the down pipe with no more than an inch of water. Of course a tight seal at all fittings makes a huge difference too. When properly set up, the draw should not require much effort.
  • I'd like to try it someday but I dont think I'd like to have a big hookah pipe in my house. Too much of a weed connotation. I just wouldn't want to hide it from or explain it to my daughter. Though it'd be easy..."this is what the caterpillar on Alice in Wonderland does." Plus I don't smoke in the house so I'd have to take it outside.

    Actually I do want one LOL
  • snuffdogsnuffdog Member
    edited November 2008 PM
    I just got one for my wife for Xmas and of course couldn't wait to try it. I can see the attraction for some but I'm not into flavored tobaccos so much myself. The blends we got were only about half tobacco and the rest molasses and flavors. Getting huge hits is easy but the nicotine is so diluted neither of us could catch much of a buzz but we both admittedly have high tolerances. Maybe you can get straight tobacco blends too, I'm sure they'd be more powerful. I think the attraction of the Hookah is more social and of course the blends taste great too.

    I don't see how one could not inhale it either as you have to breathe it through such a long travel from bowl to mouthpiece. I can see using this every once in a while as the flavors are excellent, not lightly flavored like some fruity tobaccos. The assortment of flavors is huge too and she's really enjoying it so I'm glad I got it. ;)
  • The pipes Ive seen in use in Turkey are massive and with a large volume of water in use. Watching them being smoked, it is very much a breathing in type of action rather than puffing on an ordinary pipe. The pipes that I've seen onsale at home are tiny by comparison.
  • you want to get a big lung full of smoke and breath it out slowly. The rule with hookas is huge hits.
  • Yeah, I agree, its closer to doing something other than tobacco than doing tobacco. Man.
  • Ahh, yeah we were just smoking the 'shisha' tobaccos. I suppose with the prodigious clouds from the Hookah, "other than tobacco" would certainly impart a huge buzz. :P
  • Since I quit smoking cigs (thanks to snuff) I have been thinking about taking up the cigar or pipe, as a once a day "treat" to myself. The hookah's starting to sound like a better idea. I ordered a free sample from a website i found out about through this forum. Any advice about choosing an inexpensive hookah, or anything else for that matter?
  • Cigars and traditional pipes are a good alternative for a daily treat because you don't inhale (well, most don't). It felt like I smoked a pack of cigarettes in an hour after I was through with the Hookah, that for me will be very occasional. From what I read, the Hookah is much higher in tar but has only a fraction of the nicotine of a cigarette. Just delicious flavors though, anything good comes with a price in this world.
  • You tend to only see hookahs in head shops, so if thats where you end up buying one make sure you get a tobacco hookah rather than a water pipe for weed. A true hookah will have the receptacle where you put the glowing charcoal - which you need to smoke the extremely moist tobacco. A water pipe may look the same but will just have a pipe bowl on the end and you wouldn't be able to smoke the hookah 'baccy. You can get inexpensive brass hookahs generally made in India that do a good job.
  • I just assumed I would have to order a hookah online, any recomendatios? Thanks for the tips thus far...
  • Sorry, don't know of an online supplier, although they must exist, I would try your local headshop.
  • I've looked in the past, haven't found any head shops even remotely close. I've found a lot of hookah shops online, I just prefer to order things from websites that people reccomend, when possible. I suppose there's probably a hookah forum out there somehwere as well.
  • I just ordered some traditional tobacco from these guys:
    They answered questions, and shipped properly with tracking email.

    I'll buy a hookah from them one of these days. A "pimp" hookah. LOL
  • I've just googled it to show you an example of the cheap pipe I use when my friend and I have a smoking and JD session, check out the, and its the brass/pyrex pipe thats retailing at £22.99. No doubt you can spend a great deal more but this has worked fine for years!
  • Here's a cool hookah blog. Great pics.
  • I checked out both sites, they look good, Thanks!
  • snuffdogsnuffdog Member
    edited November 2008 PM
    Ah boy, wish I woulda read a little more about these things before I purchased one for my wife, then again this could work out nicely too now that I think about it....;) jk
    A 45 minute session (what was referred to as typical) with the Hookah nets you more tar than a pack of full flavored Marlboros, no wonder my lungs felt like black death when I was finished. Not to be the bearer of bad news but figured I should share for those who care. The kicker is that less than half the nicotine of the cigarettes is ingested which could make people smoke more to compensate, so they say.
    Again, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Google; 'Hookah, Tar' and you'll find more than a few studies with similar test results.
  • Yep, tar isn't water soluble so the water only traps the heaviest of particles. I was amused to read how some of the Hookah sites claim the health benefits are by the reduction of the most dangerous substance in smoking; nicotine! It looks like there's much disinformation involved with the marketing of the Hookah at this point.
  • Im afraid if you smoke it its bad, you just decide whether thats going to spoil your enjoyment or not. I personally wouldn't, but I am glad its just snuff for me now.
  • I won't make any health claims for hookah smoking, but hookah tobacco IS simmered rather than burned. Little if any tar is present. This becomes clearer if one exhales through a clean cloth. Compare the marks of the a hookah exhale with a similar volume of pipe, cigar or cigarette smoke, and you will be amazed at how little tar is evident. The "smoke" from a hookah pipe is actually a glycerine vapor with flavors and tobacco distillates. This does not make it safe. But I enjoy it at long intervals quite a bit! As for the buzz, many of the popular flavored tobaccos are double or triple washed and have very little nicotine. For those who want to get the full experience I recommend brands like Layalina, Naklah and Al Waha. There is an excellent and strong brand produced in San Diego called Tangiers. It will kick your ass every time. A major factor in the hookah experience is the coals used to heat the tobacco. This can make or break the whole session, so experienced hookah smokers tend to stay away from cheap quick lite charcoals. If possible get natural charcoal as it burns cleaner and hotter than anything and never ever use charcoal briquettes from your barbeque. I'd also like to recommend as a good resource for information on every aspect of hookah usages. They have reviews on various pipes, vendors, tobaccos, charcoals, lounges etc.
  • The charcoal is vital to the entire operation, and not getting it sufficiently heated will ruin the session as you say.

    If the tar is low, and it IS simmered, which I've never thought about before, will this have an impact on the amount of carbon monoxide in the blood? As I understand it, thats very nearly as dangerous as tar when it come to the heart, over long use.
  • I've been jonesing for a hookah. I think it is very cool and I will invest in a nice one soon. Had to buy tires this month, though :(. Although they can be a bit spendy, a real nice one can be had for not too much. I'd like to get an all brass one with blue glass. Compared to some briar pipes, hookahs are inexpensive.
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