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F&T - Seville

JarhogJarhog Member
edited December 2008 in General
This is not what I expected. I do get a vary subtle orange scent but more I think it is sandalwood. I expected something like st. clements.
Is that what it is suppose to be like? It is vary close, but not the same as, F&T morlaix.


  • How many times do I have to tell it. Seville is scented with Neroli oil. it is orange flower oil. I can spell it out. T h e f l o w e r of t h e o r a n g e. I'm trying to be smart here. I understand the assumption that the flower would smell like the fruit. There is a lot of other details about this world renowned oil, Neroli. I'm no teacher. Just a jackass. So if you want to be a student (highly recommended) do a little googling or something. Hope this helps. P.S. I was just thinking about this scent. It's very unique. I was thinking about why it is not used in combination with other scents (or is it? ).
  • Jarhog, Seville is a subtler snuff than St Clements. Its an ancient snuff going back a couple of hundred years, and modern flavours do tend to be a bit more up front. Also, F and T does generally have a slight other scent behind the main flavouring in the same way that Dholakia does. I think this is the cure and leaf as much as anything else but the old makers certainly liked their sandalwood and tonquin beans and there might be a dab of this in there as well.
  • I'm not sure if I have a tin of Seville or not. Is it bad if I don't even know what snuffs I have any more? Looks like I'll be digging through my collection tonight to see if I've got it.
  • I think there might be some Neroli in Dholakia's Ganga.
  • There is Neroli Oil in "Mullins & Westley Jock's Choice".
  • JarhogJarhog Member
    edited March 2009 PM
    Has anybody noticed a deference in Seville? I got 2 new tubes and when I first opened them I noticed a big difference. The grind was coarser and the scent was deferent. The first snuff I took was vary bitter orange peel. After I aired it out a bit, it is close to the old tube but I still don't like the coarser uneven grind. Some feedback please:-)
  • This was my first F&T and as I posted on a different thread: I took a pinch before going to bed last night and when I woke up, I could still smell it! Seville reminds me of an older woman's perfume, which I am not a fan of. However, I love the tin, so no complaints... ;) I ordered it because I was expecting a citrus/orange smell, I obviously had no clue as to what 'neroli orange' smelled like.
  • Jarhog this is a perennial complaint with F&T. I suspect like fine wines there is just too much difference in tobacco crops and maybe the flavorings as well. I just try to look at it as an agricultural product, some years and some batches are better than others. No way around it probably.
  • Good to know that I am not the only one to notice.
    zzedo - I never made the association with older women's perfume before. It does remind me of some fond memories of older women I knew in my youth. Maybe that is why I like it.
  • SnuffboxSnuffbox Member
    edited March 2009 PM
    I'm not saying I've noticed this personally (although come to think of it maybe I have but not with F&T) but I've read enough to believe this is what's happening.

    I think it has a little charm, actually. Just like with wine, some years are great, some horrible, and some just ok. Tobacco can't be that different. Pity we don't have wine-like labeling on snuff, then we could compare vintages!

    I think it's also a testimony to English snuff, which is relatively pure tobacco with natural flavorings. I'm sure if they used chemical flavorings they could mask year-to-year differences but then we'd have a "10 billion sold" type of hamburger where I prefer the one made by that hole in the wall restaurant down the street.
  • Maybe some snuff makers are reading this and will start dating products.
  • I like this F&T offering. While it is rather plain and not very memorable just the fact that it's not over powering in the perfume department is a great relief to me.
  • Seriously? Plain? I think its the most heavily perfumed one in their line. I love it though. Magnificent snuff.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Gives me the shakes thinking about it. Too perfumey for me.
  • BartBart Member
    edited April 2010 PM
    I got a tube of this..mostly because Pieter always talked well of it.
    I still have it and go back to it from time to time, but I can't seem to get into it. I was expecting more oranges, not sniffing Lady Grey's panties. Guess I should have done more research first on the scent.
    I don't believe in throwing tobacco out. Maybe some day it will suit me.(.not the panties, the Seville)
  • Seville is the least of the F&T line for me, it is very perfumy, too much for my taste. I am considering mixing it with something to tone it down a bit. I do love the perfumed snuffs but this one was just too strong for me. Mind you I have not revisited it in some time. I think I will go dig out my tin and take a bit, perhaps it has changed for me.
  • It definately takes getting used to, and its not for everyone. The neroli oil has little resemblance to orange fruit. Its the essance of the Bitter Orange (aka Seville Orange) flower. Flowers often smell considerably different to their respective fruits.

    Neroli has a profound effect on me. I've found several floral snuffs have different aromatherapy properties. Some can be mildly intoxicating like this one.
  • @ Xander: It's a nice easy going scent compared to F&T's usual barrage of scents and aromas. But in the same breath it's not some miracle snuff either, in that it certainly, for me, does not stand out.
  • Not complex. I agree to that. The three Ms, the two Princes, Bordeaux and Dr. Justice are all rather complex and also rather perfumy. Most have some combination of geranium, violet and rose in them giving the whole F&T range a distinct character.
  • What's all this about "old women's perfume"? Ha ha - am I missing something here? Am I the only one who has absolutely no idea what perfumes old women wear? *lol*
  • edited July 2010 PM
    I find F&T Seville to be a very soothing snuff for me. Although I can't take it all the time, I would hate to be without it. But it does not taste like an orange at all.

    I've used blossoms from my Valentia orange tree to flavour a bit of Toque Natural. The aroma is nothing like oranges either but it is very tasty. The tree (hopefully) will bloom again in September/October and this time round I will make a bigger batch.

    I've also used Natural to make some orange flavoured snuff by squeezing orange peels over the snuff while it was spread open on a big plate. The fine spray which comes forth when you squeeze the peel works fine but the aroma does not last long. What I will do in future is to make a small batch at a time. Once depleted I will just make some more.

    I tried leaving some orange peels sealed up with the snuff but this did not work so well. The snuff became to moist and it did not take the orange taste.
  • Pieter: interesting! I've tried with freshly ground mocca, and the scent lasted forever it seemed! I have a Rose-geranium on my balcony - now in the heat of summer, it gives away a fantastic scent! I was thinking of trying it on a snuff! Maybe some SP? bergamot/Geranium? Do you think that would work together?
  • Nicholas, I'm pretty sure it will work but I will use a neutral snuff for the purpose. Toque Natural and Quit works just fine. Seal the snuff and flowers in an airtight container and leave for about 7 days. Do not open the jar to take a sniff!

  • Yeah that's what I did with the mocca. Also what I do when re-humidifying snuff - swapping the scent-source with two slices of cucumber! on a WofS 250 lid, in a former ice cream plastic box. Works perfect. I'm no fan of Toque, but I hear you - yes it should of course be a neutral variant! I might try to dig up some of my good ole Esphahan tobacco for this purpose! Thanks for the input. This rose-geranium even fills my living room with "that" scent, when the wind is right! Could be nice using your own home grown scent! :o)
  • @Viking - If you like geraniums then you would love F&T Moracco. It's scented with an African variety of geranium and is wonderful. It has a cooling effect like menthol but there is no menthol that I can detect.
  • i've been taking Seville since yesterday and really liking it. First impression was quite overwhelming but my nose got used to this Neroli oil scent soon and decanting snuff to small tin helped also and this quite simple scent is very enjoyable IM0. Tobacco base is excellent, fine and quite dry and nic hit is very good. Happy to have tried this snuf. Thanks to Snuff Head and ermtony whose opinions guided me there.
  • My pleasure! Glad you like it.
  • This has promted me to dig my tin of Seville out and have a pinch. Nice! Not had it in ages.

  • I have a little experience with using neroli oil as a perfume ingredient, and I have to agree, it does not smell like orange, although there is a slight "family resemblance." I'll have to order a tin of Seville when I get the chance and form my own opinion of how it works as a snuff scent.
  • I was thinking about blending half and half a Fribourg and Treyer perfumey snuff like Seville with the heavy menthol Redbull.
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