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Sir Walter Scott back in stock


apap Member
edited September 2012 in Snuffhouse Archives
Now i think its time ,after 13 years smoking almost 30 cig a day i am finally able to try givin up the habit!
I heard of you guys that quit using snuff and i think that i can do too!!


  • While i haven't been smoking for as long as you have i found it really hard to quit. For a few days now i've been replacing cigarettes with snuff and so far it's working better than i had expected.
    Of course you can do it ! My mother quit without any substitute at all after almost 30 years , as did my grandfather , it should be a piece of cake with snuff. Just take a pinch when you feel the need to smoke.

    Good luck!
  • I didn't smoke as much or as long as you did, but I was able to quit smoking and chewing tobacco with snuff. My lungs and gums are thankful. I do still have an occasional cigarette, but that's because I want to smoke, not that I need to smoke.
  • LazarusLazarus Member
    edited January 2009 PM
    Goodluck with quitting ap! If you're determined enough you'll do it no problem :o)
  • There's a guy in the office here who hasn't quit smoking with snuff, he has just drastically reduced his cigarette consumption. When we were discussing it he said that for him along with many other smokers he knows, the idea of quitting something so pleasurable for the rest of your life is almost not worth contemplating. If however you take the mindset of: "I can smoke as much as I want, but let's see if I can use this other product which is also very enjoyable in and of itself to make me WANT to smoke less" then according to him, none of the panic buttons are pressed and it becomes no just feasible, but enjoyable.

    Hope that helps! Good luck
  • That's exactly how it happened for me too. I started using snus for the pleasure of trying something new, I had no intentions on quitting smoking. After a few weeks, I just started snussin more and more and before I knew it, I had gone 4 months smoke free. No stress, no guilt, no broken self-promises. If I want a smoke nowadays, I don't stress about it, I just have one. Between snus and snuff though, that's covers all the nicotine I need and in such a pleasurable way that I don't crave smokes very often.
  • Like snuffdog, I never intended to quit smoking when I started using snus. At the time, I was in a work situation that just made it difficult to leave for a cigarette, so the snus was intended as only a work time thing. But I just fell in love with it and started using it more and more, and one day, I stopped buying cigarettes.

    One of my greatest pleasure after two years of using snus is I can have that occasional cigarettes simply because I feel like smoking, not because I NEED to smoke.
  • apap Member
    Thank you a lot guys for the support!! This is a great place to talk and you are very nice people !!
    THANK YOU !!!
    The first day without the cig is almost gone :) thanks!
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