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Classic Tin-Same Great Taste

Will the REAL Wilson's Best SP please stand up?



  • eblipeblip Member
    maybe my palate is totally messed up ...but J&H Wilson sp No the best SP i have ever tasted, it beats that bergamot doused tom buck, it beats the weak "best sp" ...i think it  is the king of the SP's and nobody else even mentioned it..

    maybe my palate needs a going over.
  • Gold Label from Wilson's is my favorite SP. Supposed to be Virginia tobacco.
  • For me Grand Cairo is the best SP. But there is not a bad one Wilson's make. I would rank my top 5 as.
    1 Grand Cairo
    2 Tom Buck
    3 Gold Label
    4 Grove
    5 Best SP
  • eblipeblip Member
    the best sp is without a shadow  of doubt made by gawith hoggarth...
    gawith hoggarth sp 10 will not be dissappointed..
    since trying this tom buck and bset sp have gone to the back of the drawer..
    they are just novelty snuffs now
    gawith hoggarth sp is one of my core snuffs and the only sp i bother with now.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    edited July 2019 PM
    @eblip no need to limit yourself to just one! Have you had Toque Original & SP Extra, SD Original, JHW Top Mill, Jaxon SP and WoS SP100? There are many SPs out there and while G&H's is one of my favorites, I like variety in snuff (and hoarding way too much of it)
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