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OT: Odens Snus

apap Member
edited August 2012 in Other Forms of Tobacco
I dont know if you guys saw this but The Northerner is selling a 17 mg nicotine snus , its called Oden so any of you tried this one yet ?
I ordered a can of original and a can of cinammon so i 'll teel you what i think of them as soon as they arrive!


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  • It was just announced today. I ordered some. Seems a couple of guys from snuson got pre release samples, they liked it.
  • I like the los because if i need more nicotine I can make a bigger pinch.
  • I've experienced something strange lately. I have been pinching snuff since ca 3 years, and daily for ca 1 1/2 year now. But then suddenly a week ago I became totally obsessed with Swedish Snus!! I now consume incredible amounts daily of this! I have almost stopped snuffing altogether. As I live in Scandinavia, it's easy to get the loose Snus. Almost every store sells it, though the portion Snus I have to order from Sweden. It's like I suddenly need the tobacco flavor in my mouth - and I pinch LARGE :o) Grovsnus and General in loose form, and Skruf in portion. Has anybody experienced such a change in snuff/snus habits?
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  • yeah viking, i had kind of the same thing lateley and i only have camel snus so i'd hate to see what the real snus does to me :). I agree it's prolly just a phase and i tend to use snus most of the day at work but then binge on snuff in the evening when i get home and am trying to relax.
  • I like snus too (hated when i first tried ) but nasal snuff is my first choice !!!
  • sychodelixsychodelix Member
    edited February 2009 PM
    I started with snus instead, and even though I really love the combination of snuff and snus, the snus is still my main tobacco source. Gotta love the feel of a nice pris or portion in your lip.

    Bigblue: "You know it's like; Snuff is my lady. : Snus is my whore."

    Love that!
  • I'm through a little over half my first can (that was a freebie from I can feel myself getting hooked. I'm a bit scared of that. I also am only taking about half the snuff I was prior to this. I'm trying to resist the urge to re-order. I made two big orders of snuff instead.
    Getsnus is very clever in giving the first can free.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Even though I swore myself off of snus forever, I'm really wanting to try the Jakobsson's Ice Fruit snus. Has anyone had that?
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  • I agree lxskllr. Metropol made the best peppermint snus, bar none.
  • Johndeer> The problem is that it TASTES SOOOO GOOOD!!! :o))) I love snuff, and still pinches, but these days I am insatiable regarding snus. General, Skruf, and Grovsnus fills my mouth, and I LOVE it :o) I haven't had snus since I began snuffing a couple of years ago, but now I ordered 10 cans of Skruf stærk, white from Sweden, and in 10 min I am going to pick it up at the post office! YUM!!! :o) Apart from that I enjoy Fribourg & Treyer Morocco and Seville these days. I like the F & T better and better.
  • Hey there im from the states and i been using dip tobacco for about 8 years and was curious about snus had a grandmorther that use to use it but i saw the Oden snus and had to buy it from how the can looks and i mean ive always wanted to try snus would you guys say snus is about the same as dip tobacco and is there any certain way im suppose to use snus?
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  • Well 17gs of nicotine shouldnt be that bad i go threw about a can of copenhagen fine cut a day i just pack it on the side of my cheek so no spitting ? do i just swallow the tobacco spit? or what
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  • sounds good to me what are the ice tools for and is snus supposed to be cooled? in the fride or freezer or what?
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  • the pris master is what I prefer mostly because of the cost and I've gone through three of them all lost. I like it for when going somehwhere it's a lot cleaner and qucker then prising by hand.
  • Bob - I too got a Prismaster, and it's a fantastic invention in all its simplicity! I order my Ettan and Skruf Portion from Sweden, and get it in only two days, so it's always very fresh. I am a dedicated snuffer too, but to my own surprise am going through a period of complete obsession with snus :o) I remember trying American dip when I lived in the US, but there is a distinct difference in taste between that and Swedish snus! It depends on the way of fermenting I believe. Swedish snus is not fermented. Btw a Danish snus has seen the light of day in Off-Road. I haven't tried it yet, but perhaps some of your guys did?
  • Offroad icemint loose is very good Viking!
  • like the offroad except the mint ones.
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  • apap Member
    Just received my cans!!!
    The Kanel is really good.
  • Ok guys, never tried snus but I dip and chew now and again and would like to try snus. I tend to like plainer tasting stuff in all of my various tobaccos, so can you help out a prospective newbie to snus and recommend and brand and dealer who ships to the UK?
  • snuffster, I can't help on the distributor, but snus brands I can. Ettan, Grov, Gustavus, are all basically tobacco flavored. Most people like either Grov or Ettan, a few like both. General is the most popular, with a slight pepper and citrus flavor. Then you can get wild and move to the really flavored ones.Very few snus flavors overpower the tobacco, Offroad is an exception in most cases. Depending on your nicotine tolerance you might want to avoid the stark/extra stark/ super stark varieties. I personally prefer Gotlands yellow, Ettan and Phantom Blue. Phantom has a earl grey flavor.
  • snuffster this is the site I order my snus from If you put "GoldenBoy" in the fiel when signing up, you get 10% off on your first order and I get some points. Feel free to do so ;) As far as brands you should really try the General its just the best in my opinion. Then youll have to dicide wether you want portion or lös snus. The lös snus has to ne formed by hand or with a Prismaster. The portions are much easier to use, but I think they don´t taste as good. Have fun ;)
    They ship to UK. They also have some try-out sets. I don't know if they do the refferal thing, so if you want to be nice go with GoldenBoy's. buysnus won't ship to my state.
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