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Classic Tin-Same Great Taste


Has anybody tried Gutkha yet? It is Indian chewing tobacco except you swallow it. Its a mix of Pan or Betel nut, baccy in concentrated powder form, and various flavorings like cardamom and clove. Massive nic hit but it rubs your gum and the inside of your cheeks raw. Fortunately the clove that is added does a grand job of locally anesthetizing your lower gum and cheek so you can keep on going day after day long after it is a sensible idea. Gotta love that ingenuity. Of course there are lots of articles about how readily it causes mouth cancer. Oh well.


  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Sounds like fun. Never heard of it.
  • sounds alright, i'll have to try some day
  • Sounds fantastic, where do you get it though? I know I've heard of it, I think Dave at Mrsnuff had mentioned it in the past.
  • TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
    edited February 2009 PM
    Yeah he did, about three comments up. LOL
  • THis was on a PDF file I posted before: Smokeless Tobacco Fact Sheet

  • I wonder to know why if smokeless tobacco is so dangerous, the Nations where it is used more then cigarettes have the lesser statistic in cancer epidemiology... Oh right (OT) I give up smoking!
  • you are quite right. Whenever I get a new batch of the stuff I get all excited and repost. Sign of age I guess. Start repeating myself. Sign of age I guess. Start repeating myself.
  • snuffdogsnuffdog Member
    edited February 2009 PM
    Troutstroker says; Yeah he did, about three comments up. LOL >

    Funny, just noticed this. I didn't recognize David's new avatar and didn't realize he was the OP. I think he had mentioned it sometime a few months back in a "high nicotine snuff" discussion.
  • Anyhow, you gonna start carrying it David? I guess I'm still a kid at heart because the 'bright packaging' is appealing to me too! :P

    "Product is sold in small brightly colored packages, which appeal to children."
  • The joke is that pretty much anything is appealing to children.
  • I work in an area where Pan and Gutkha use is very common and Ive tried both several times. Pan is the better one, IMHO, and you get it rolled up in little fresh quids from Asian stores. I am a life long nicotine user and also dip and chew so no stranger to this type of stuff, but Pan is in a league of its own and blows your head off, especially an insane version known as 'turbo pan'. Gutkha is sweet, powdery and strong and actually very tasty, cinnamon and betel being common flavours. I think a lot of the tobacco heads on this site would like both.
  • You can't beat the fresh quids it is true. As for selling it snuffdog; no can do I am afraid. I have heard that you can buy it from Asian stores in most cities but it is always under the table. My understanding is it is not commercially available in the USA. I haven't looked into it in depth but when I tried to get it from a distributor in Chicago who had it listed on his website, he became very circumspect and said something to the effect that it was a restricted product. I think it is the betel nut that is the issue. Apparently the government has decided (in their infinite wisdom) that we are not grown up enough to choose what we ingest and what we don't.
  • What's wrong with betel nut?

    Picture above looks like I could suck on that like Mazapan or Peanut Brittle.

    Very interesting.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    So does Tobacco.
  • so does pizza made in a stone oven :)
  • 3 eyed fish in Simpsons seem to be ok.
  • I cant work out the problem with betel, I can get this locally too, sucked or chewed as a breath freshener. had it dozens of times - there is certainly nothing 'druglike' about it?

    Causes cancer? Oh No!! Better not use it again!!
  • So does listening to Cliff Richard...
  • No... that just causes terminal earache :D
  • I heard water beds cause cancer too?!
  • From what i gathered Betel Nut is a stimulant (only when combined with lime[or any alkali]) which over time stains your gums and teeth a nice red colour which is apparently desirable in a few exotic locales where it is taken. Taken over a number of years it can be carcinogenic. But everything in moderation eh. Supposedly coffee increases risk of intestinal cancer and oesophageal cancer (due to the hotness :p) yet decreases hepatic cancer, alzheimers, parkinsons, etcetc. Its a confusing world...
  • oaxacaoaxaca Member
    edited February 2009 PM
    lol ermtony :P
  • lol yeah you want to check the fluorine level in your waterbed Orion, the evil F may be seeping into your brain as you sleep :p
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